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I moved to Omaha last July with my fiance, and we are getting married in Omaha on July 30, 2011. All of my BM and MOHs  (I have 2) are coming in from out-of-town, and have asked what I'd like to do for my bachelorette party. Since all of our bridal party is from out-of-town, we have decided to do our bachelor/bachelorette parties the Thursday before the wedding, so I still have plenty of time to give my MOHs some ideas, but I need help! I have no clue of any places to tell them to look at for my bachelorette party since I've only lived here for five months. Does anyone have any ideas on places to go for bachelorette parties around the Omaha area??

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    What kind of party are you looking for? Bar hopping? Pole dancing classes? Naughty parties? For bar hopping I would suggest just getting a party bus maybe and going to some bars downtown. For the other options there is a lingerie place in the old market (I think it's called Basic Tease or something of the sort) on 13th street that does pole dancing classes, and does parties where you can make cakes and pass around products and stuff like that. I was in there one night and they told me all about it and it seemed kind of fun. Great for if you have any people who are underage (i have one BM who is only 20) and want them to be involved in the party since they can't go to the bars. HTH! =]
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    I know a lot of people rent party busses and go to local bars. One place to go would be the old market or you can go to several different bars across Omaha. A friend of mine had a room at the Embassy Suites in the Old Market and then had a toy party at the hotel room then they bar hopped the rest of the night.

    It just depends on what you are looking for. :-)


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    My Bridesmaids have been talking about having the bachelorette party and the bachelor party all in one night. Their idea is for us to share a party bus and then they will drop the girls off at one spot and the guys off somewhere else nearby. Then the bus will pick us all back up and then go to two more locations, etc. That way we can party with the guys but yet be seperate at the same time. It sounds like fun to me!
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    I'm getting married July 16 and have a similar situation.  But additionally a lot of my friends are underage still.  So we're thinking about doing Dave & Busters..
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    what about a pole dancing class? there's one in Omaha You don't have to be 21, but obviously if you are underage you can't drink. It's so much fun and the teacher is really amazing.
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    I like the party bus idea.  Would recommend checking out Nebraska Party Bus at  We used them for a friend's birthday party.  The bus had been completely redone on the inside and the driver was very professional and knowledgable of where we were (Lincoln, NE - I'm from Omaha and am not familiar with Lincoln).  In addition the bus had Air Conditioning and even thou it was winter we still used it because it still ended up getting warm on the bus with everyone moving while talking / dancing.  The costs seemed a lot up front, but divided between all of us it was less then a taxi ride home at the end of the night!  Laughing
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    My friend did a really cool idea!  she had everyone assigned a color in their invitation.  Then the guest was to buy a piece of lingerie that color as well as wear a dress that color to the party.  The bride wore white and then all of us girls went out on the town!  it was a very cute and very fun idea!!
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