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Hi all-

I'm currently looking for a judge to officiate our wedding. Any favorite judges in Omaha? I have this huge list with just phone numbers- don't even know where to start!

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    I found Signature Ceremonies in Omaha. My wedding isn't until next year but I really liked their website and what they had to say. I have an appointment tomorrow for my fiancé and I to find someone we like to officiate the wedding.

    I'm not advertising or anything, just wanted to let you know who I found:

    Here's what sold it for me; because my mother and family are religious and I am not, I wanted to have something nice but not compromise what my fiancé and I believe in. We looked into judges but fount an officiant to be just as legally binding. 

    Here is their About section:
    "Signature Ceremonies was founded with the mission of giving each client the wedding they want at a price they can afford.  Whether you desire a traditional wedding or something off the beaten path, we are committed to working with you to craft a ceremony that reflects your unique values and beliefs.

    We perform all types of ceremonies, including religious, nondenominational, interfaith, spiritual, secular and civil.  You have full control over every aspect of your ceremony, and we do not require premarital counseling."

    Hope you find what you are looking for!
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    How much do they charge?


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    A total of 295$ (including a deposit of 75$). I couldn't believe it! I had an appointment on Sunday and they were so professional, yet very personal and caring. I SERIOUSLY suggest them. She was soo informed and even gave me a couple of vendor names. Answered all of my questions and gave me soo many options for how to proceed with my entire ceremony. 

    She makes me soo excited for my wedding day. I no longer feel like a stranger is going to marry us, rather a new mutual friend.

    Contractually they take care of the ceremony script, conduct the rehearsal, officiate the ceremony, and file and record the complete marriage license with the county clerk.
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    Judge Randall is an awesome Judge, but I am not sure what the charge is for a judge.  My fiance and I are waivering back and forth between a Judge and Signature.  He is an attorney in Omaha so he has a relationship with a few of the Judges, but I really want someone that will take time to get to know us and perform a ceremony that is meaningful.
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