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Hello fellow knotties. So, I have planned quite a few get togethers, baby showers, etc. A wedding is a bit larger than that! I want to make sure that I am not overlooking anything. My fiance and I are paying for everything on our own and we are trying to get a rough budget of what everything will cost.

We are getting married on 6.25.11 So, we have a bit of time. But I want to start looking around at our options and try to make this as seemless and as possible.

So basically what I am asking is where do you think I should start or maybe some tips to consider?

My thoughts were to call and find out the costs of the ceremony and reception site, find out costs for catering, photographers, etc. Then, we could see how much it would end up being and if we could break it down and afford it.

We bought "The Complete Wedding Organizer" by The Top Wedding Experts Elizabeth & Alex Lluch. There are timelines and checklists, budgets and spreadhseets. So, orgnization isn't the issue.

Any recommendations will help! Or suggestions on fair priced catering, etc.

Thank you!

Re: Noob with planning questions

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    Congrats on getting engaged!

    First thing you’ll want to start with is guest list and budget.  It’s impractical to look for venues until you know those two things. 

    After you get those things done, you’ll want to start with venues because many of them only allow certain caterers.  If you want a certain caterer, you’ll have to look for a venue that doesn’t have restrictions.

    Here is a website with a lot of locations

    I did a lot of research online to figure out costs as many vendors post their costs online.

    The easiest way to spend less, is to cut your guest list.  You’ll spend less on catering, invites, space, chairs, etc.

    I’d recommend sitting down with your FI and discussing what things are a priority for you two.  Some couples want a lot of people there, some want amazing photography, some want unique food.  Once you get that figured out, it will be easier to budget the wedding.

    I’d also be open to using grocery stores.  HyVee has really good food and it’s reasonably priced.  I’ve heard good things about their cakes and other grocery store cakes. 

    You’ll find that once you use the word “wedding” things will cost more so try to get quotes without using that word. 

    The knot checklist is actually pretty good, too, and interactive which is nice.

    Sorry this is a lot of random stuff but feel free to ask if you have more questions!  I’ve been around on the knot since 2007 so I’ve learned quite a bit about local vendors
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    I started off with getting ideas from websites and magazines about the kind of wedding i wanted.  It made making the budget and making a guest list easier.  We are also paying for everything so I knew I had to save money on everything we did!  I also knew that I wanted a certain feel for my venue and so it made it easier to start planning with that in mind.
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    Ok, good. It sounds like we are headed in the right direction then. If I think of everything all at once then my eyes get the size of quarters! Good then I have been able to kind of take things slowly. That's why we planned it so far out.

    I put down the wedding book (which had tons and tons of info) and I stepped back and told ymself it was just a really big party. Then I asked myself what I would do when planning any other party. So, I started with our guest list. Then we started to think about where we wanted it and the 'feel' of it.

    My thought process was to read as much as I could about weddings so that I could understand how it all worked. Then I could call and look up millions of different places to see our options and to see if where we wanted to have our wedding was logical. I am nervous about money. My fiance says we will be fine and not to worry at all (he is the one that is good with numbers and does the budget).

    But I figured that we would choose and book venders first (obviously based off of what they offered and catering options, etc).

    You guys have made me feel really good. I feel like I am on the right track.... and I will definitely ask if I have more questions!

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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