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I recently got engaged and I am just beginning to plan. I am looking for ideas for places to have my reception. I am on a budget so that is kind of causing a problem. What would you recommend?

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    Well it does depend on your budget...but I think everyone can have a wedding on a just have to decide what your budget is and what is most important to you during your wedding and what do u not want to cut corners on..what things you absolutely have to have and then areas you are willing to cut corners...DIY can save you alot of money but you have to also be prepared to put alot of research and work into it as well.

    I know for me what worked best for my budget and vision is the bellevue berry farm. You pay a per person plate fee and have to meet min. numbers but for us that was not a problem and even if we didnt meet it it was still much cheaper then many places. With the bellevue berry farm you can have your wedding and ceremony at the location and they charge you JUST the per person plate fee. Also you and your guests can take advantage of the things the farm has to offer included in the price. One of the MAJOR reasons we chose them is the family friendly factor. We have kids and then all of my family and friends have little ones. The farm has a pretty cool playground for the kids to play on just a short walk from the reception barns. ( They have a big barn and a smaller one that has two adjoining rooms) They also include a hayride and a bonfire so you can make some smores. We are doing a fall wedding so this was appropriate for us. Not to mention the discounts we are getting from them for the pumpkins, hay bales and some other fall decor we are purchasing from them.

    Now the only thing is this is a DIY place...and if you do it right it can be much cheaper then other places. DIY meaning you have to decorate it yourself..or you can opt to give them the decor and instructions and they can do it for you for a small fee.

    When checking around be sure to ask what is included in the pricing uch as decor, linens, tablewear,  etc... how many hours are included, how much per hour after you go over the time, do they have caterers they they let you bring in outside caterers( many do not). How much per person from the caterers whether it be them or someone else and what is the min. requirements you must meet. Some require you to pay a min dollar amount..some say a min of say 65 people with 20per person. Ask if drinks are included and what type of drinks are included? How much for a bartender and do they provide it..then decide on cash bar or open bar. Some budget brides will buy everyone a round to toast and then cash bar after that.

    There are some websites that have forms you can dl and print to take with you on your scouting for places. Be sure to check out the places too..dont just go by photos. Get referrals as well...

    I know its alot but hopefully that will help some..GL! I am a budget DIY bride as can be done but there is work involved!
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    Congrats on the engagement!

    That depends on how big your guest list is and what kind of look you want.  Indoor?  Outdoor?  Classic?  Modern?  Also, do you want to bring in your own catering or do you have a certain caterer in mind because most venues only allow certain (or 1) caterers.   Do you have a certain location in Omaha in mind?  Where is the ceremony at?

    I got married at Scoular Ballroom and it worked out really well for what we wanted.

    This website might help you out, too.
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    I'm on a budget too, luckily my fiance's parents are helping a little otherwise i'd be doing it all alone.

    I found that the Bel Air Banquet Room is your best bet if you're on a budget. Shelly, one of the owners - is so nice, and she does the catering in house. And she bartends. Her co-partner also makes the cake.  They have decorating packages as well so they set up and clean and provide linens. To rent the hall on a saturday night, plus catering, plus the cake, plus beer and wine provided, and unlimited pop, plus the decorating package (set up, tear down), bartender cost (200) and the 17% service charge my reception is going to cost us around 5000. Compared to most places that charge you 2500-7000 just to RENT the place...i'd say they're the best affordability-wise in town!

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    I second Legacy Hall. If you do it on a Friday then you get the hall for $1200, plus they let you get in as of 8 AM to decorate (as opposed to only having 2 set hours or something like that on a Saturday), and if there's no event on Thursday they let you come in on Thursday to decorate as well. This was a HUUUGE plus for me because we're doing all our decorations ourselves, and this way it's not such a rush.

    They also let you bring in your own food and alcohol. It's not usually the reception venue that costs the most, it's the FOOD. Catering is so ridiculous. I don't know what kind of reception food you're going for, but I'm more of a laid back bride, so we're doing a buffet that has Turkey, Ham, salad, veggie tray, potatoes & gravy, corn, green beans, etc... and comes with iced tea & coffee, plus they provide all the plates, silverware, napkins, etc...and we're getting it at $8.50 a person at Scherbrock's Grocery & Catering in Neola, IA. Just a little grocery store that does catering. They're fantastic! I had their food at a wedding recently, and it was so good. They also come in and set up, have people their to man the buffet the whole time and tear down when you're done. Doesn't get much better then that!

    Good luck on your search!

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