Let's make this board alive!!!

Who is everyone?  A little about yourself?  When is your wedding date!? Theme?  Plans? DIY bride? etc.

I'm Chrissy... born and raised here! The big day is April 16, 2011.  Colors are plum and champagne.... tried to go with vintage aspects to the wedding... but seems I am adding lots of modern things as well... I love doing projects! Especially wedding projects, and I LOVE searching for new ideas that haven't been done very much. I just finished some looking for more! :)


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    I'm Karly,
    Our big day is April 2, 2011. 
    Our colors are navy blue and buttercup yellow.
    We are going very classic, clean for our wedding.
    My fiance and I have a love for aviation and want to find someway to tie that into our wedding.  Still trying to figure that out though.
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    [QUOTE]Let's make this board alive!!! Who is everyone?  A little about yourself?  When is your wedding date!? Theme?  Plans? DIY bride? etc.
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    I'm Sarah.  I got married May 9, 2009.  I still check in on this board because it is fairly inactive and I remember a lot of vendors from when I was planning my wedding and helping with friends' weddings.  We didn't have a theme.  Our colors were red, turquoise, and chocolate brown.  I did quite a few DIY mom helped me with some.
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    I am Leslie
    My wedding date is June 24th 2011
    We are going to have a beach themed reception (even though its not at the beach!).
    I'm not exactly a DIY bride but I am a bargain hunting bride!!!
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    Hey, I'm Megan.
    My wedding is October 23, 2010 and my colors are black and white. No theme here, just a simple, modern style. And, no DIY for me...I'm not into making stuff and I don't have the time to spare.
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    My name is Rachel (obviouslyLaughing). Our wedding date is May 21, 2011. Our colors are black and a fuscia/hot pink. We don't really have a theme, but one of our own personal sayings to each other is "Forever...and a Day." I plan to incorporate that. We are doing most everything ourselves, and we are not religious, so we are free to do whatever we want! A co-worker/friend of mine is marrying us. Many of the things for the ceremony and reception are DIY..many things are non-traditional and personalized, so it should be exciting! I am definately a bargain hunter, often spotted researching eBay and the such. We have had to put a temporary hold on everything as we just started the process of buying our first home (completely unexpectedly), but once that's over and we're settled, we will pick it back up. I am "inheriting" two step-children, a 5 year old girl (my sidekick, and often mistaken for my own), and an almost 10 year old boy. Jim (obviously my fiance) and I are both nurses and work terrible schedules. Yell So when we get time off together, it's very precious time.
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    Hello ladies! My name is Chasity and I am getting married 6/17/11. Our colors are Red, White and Black. We don't have a theme really. I'm pretty much just throwing in whatever we happen to like, but I have faith that it'll all come together in the end =] I'm doing some little DIY projects (STDs, aisle runner, centerpieces, flowers, water bottles, etc etc etc). I hope this board can become more active!! =]
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    I'm Jessica and my Fiance is Chad. Our date is August 27, 2011. We are getting married at The Fountains Ballroom in Glenwood, IA. Our colors are gray and yellow with a tid bit of purple thrown in there. My Fiance is from Louisiana, so he wanted to have purple and yellow in there somehow. Our theme is a vintage/modern theme.

    I am really excited to start planning and doing things but at the same time we are paying for everything on our own and I have mini panic attacks every now and then thinking about it all! lol.

    We are trying to decide between Attitude on Food and Catering Creations. I am also going to try on dresses for the first time this Wednesday! I'm nervous and excited at the same time!

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