Thoughts on Regency Lake & Tennis Club and also A View??

Just starting the process of looking for venus and came upon these places today

Re: Thoughts on Regency Lake & Tennis Club and also A View??

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    no idea about the tennis club, but we are looking at A View West on THursday. I'll let you know how that goes!
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    I know a few people that checked out A View a few years ago and the customer service was terrible. I would see if they can provide you with real married couples that could be a reference and ask them how everything was.


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    I enjoy the View for the atmosphere, they have a great getting ready bridal sweet up stairs, love watching the brides descend the stairs, great green golf course for pictures, nice natural light with all of the windows. Here is a slideshow link for the View:

    Regency has a completely different feel to it, love being next to the water, you have the bridge nearby and patch of sand for pictures, darker rooms, with the dance floor room attached so people can mingle and talk comfortably in the dining area or dance next door. Here is the slide link for the Regency:

    Congratulations and Good Luck!
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    Both are very choppy in my opinion.  The Lake and Tennis club is a little better, but the dance floor is in a seperate room.  The gal who runs Regency is super nice, a View can be hit and miss to work with, they have had a lot of turn over. 
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    We checked out A VIew West (156th and Maple) and LOVED it. It's gorgeous, has an atrium for people who would like to step outside for fresh air, the chairs are new (and Chiavari--sorry if I spelled that wrong), and can customize the layout of the room. The thing that we weren't too happy was that the room rental fee for a saturday wedding is $1750 (somewhat reasonable);however, for an "all-inclusive" fee (which includes all the plates, glassware, silverware--instead of renting from the caterer) is $3000, plus the actual catering. To us a fee of $3000 for rental items is pretty steep. They do alcohol by guest, not by drink, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. Overall, we really liked it, but the fee is just too much for us.
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    No idea who you met with, but I received a completely different and substantially lower quote than what was given to you for A View.  I have also looked at The Ridge out in Elkhorn which I have been very happy with so far.
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    The View has a different event coordinator than the one a few years ago, and I have been to a few weddings there, and they were nice.  Regency is sort of dated, and it's set up a little odd.  It can be really good, but you have to have a smaller crowd there, and nothing is taken care of for you.  You only get the room, that's it.  At A View you get bar service and staff who set everything up.  I haven't been to View West so I don't know about that.
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