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Has anyone used this app? It has an option for a free account, but then there are 3 pay plans ($99, $149, $189) that you can get various bells and whistles. I like the idea of wedding guests pictures going straight to this site from their phones, but is it worth the money? I'm curious to see if anyone has experienced this site?

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  • I was doing research on these types of apps and I tried to email wedding snap asking a lot of important questions.

    They state "Weddings in 500 Cities in U.S. & 15 Countries Around The World, Since April 2012". Now I understand marketing so I tried asking them how many weddings they've actually been a part of. They could just have downloads from that many places and are trying to play it off. I also asked for them to explain to me what makes them better than the competition, what justifies their higher prices, etc.

    It's been over a week now and I've yet to get a return email.

    I'm sorry but to me that is unprofessional and I have moved on. They have competition that have better prices and that are more customer friendly. I will not be giving these people my money. Instead I went with Snap the Wedding. It's the same concept, half the price, and they were able to quickly answer my question.

  • I actually had a different experience with Wedding Snap. I was a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding in June. I found out about Wedding Snap through pinterest and thought it was a really cool idea. I suggested it to my friend and though a bit skeptical, she went with it, saying that if anything she could always get a refund. At her bachelorette party, we tested out the app. One of the girls has an Andorid phone and said that the app would crash on occasion. So I called Wedding Snap the next day and they were able to fix the problem. A week or so after my friend's wedding, my friend thanked me for Wedding Snap. She was able to get 300+ pictures that her and her husband got to look at the morning after their wedding. She said that it was such a special moment that the two of them got to share, and that she was so happy to see those pictures before anyone else did. Plus, she looked at them constantly after the wedding while she was waiting for her professional pictures. After seeing and hearing about her experience, I will def. be using this for my wedding next spring! 
  • I have seen lots of reviews that were really negative. I would be apprehensive of people that post saying how amazing it is when they happen to have only one post and just joined The Knot and are from Northern California. Seems pretty fishy.


  • I was in a wedding this August and my friend used wedding snap. It was pretty fun. The quality of photos totally depends on your guests and phone capabilities. Pros: You get to see all of the photos people take (with their phones of course) and can view them all in one spot. Cons: All these photos... flattering and unflattering are all in one spot for everyone to view :P My friend didn't have any issues with the site and she got the free version, so not sure if paying for more would be worth it. 
  • I would not recommend this app simply for lack of professionalism. I used it for my wedding in June & my guests did not respond to the app as we hoped. We only had ~20 photos (some I took myself before the wedding). They state if you don't get at least 100 pictures you will get your money back. I have called. I have emailed. I have "chatted." No response. What a HEADACHE!
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