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Corsages for musician???

Is anyone getting a coursage/boutonniere for their ceremony musician?   I don't think we really need one for them, but I thought I'd see what everyone else is doing.  TIA!

Re: Corsages for musician???

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    I had them done for ours...HTH
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    We are not giving one to our musicians because they are hired and we don't personally know them... I think if you know them personally then you get them a corsage.  But if you don't know them and they're more of a hired person then you don't.  Just my opinion... good luck!
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    I asked a similar question months ago before my wedding. The general concensus I got on national boards was that unless they are a friend of yours, they are considered vendors and don't need a flower. Also, several people (who were musicians themselves) pointed out that they would prefer not to have a flower, as it would get in the way of playing their instrument. So I decided to save money and not get flowers for my musicians.
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    Guess I should have pointed out, I did what I felt and not what people did in general, but I also did wrist corsages for everyone, not the pin on ones...GL
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    We do personally know ours and will be getting them corsages. If we didn't know them personally and FI had not grown up around their families, we wouldn't be getting them. Save the $7+ per corsage.
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    Thanks everyone!
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