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I'm trying to decide whether or not to do a wedding video. I'm not sure I want it, but on the other hand if I decide later I do it will be too late to go back. Thoughts? Plus if you did use a videographer in Des Moines that you liked, who was it?Thanks!

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    If you can afford, this is a MUST...It is the best thing in the world to go back and see your wedding.  It was so incredible to get to see everyone walk down the aisle (things I didn't get to see, since I was last).  It is the best money you will ever spend...We used Action Multimedia!  GL
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    If you don't want to spend the money, get a tripod and videocamera and have it set up at the ceremony.  We did this and loved having the memories and hearing our vows again, but didn't want to spend the extra money on it.  We also set it up by the DJ at the reception so that we could also have the garter toss/boquet toss on video too.
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    I really wanted this, but didn't want to spend the money. We are borrowing a family friends camera and tri-pod. My aunt or uncle are going to tape it for us. It may not be perfect, but will serve the purpose without paying the extra for editing :0.
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    I agree with the PP, if you can afford it, do it. I love love love the way ours turned out and I watch it quite a bit. We used KandE Productions They do excellent work. The DVD included the full length ceremony and an actual video put together with scenes of the bride & groom getting ready, ceremony, reception, & the dance. They also let you pick the music for your video. Totally worth it. If you email them (through their website) you should be able to get a demo DVD to see their work.
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    I'm using Action MultiMedia too and they have been helpful thus far.  I didn't think I wanted one either but at the last minute have changed my mind.  Action Multi Media has a package that is around $400 for 4 hours and it will have no editing.  I found out that they can do a none edited version for quite a bit cheaper and then later down the road, we can pay to have the editing done by Action Multimedia and it will look more professional.  I thought that was the best thing to do so I don't regret it and yet still don't spend a fortune at this time.  Hope this helps.
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