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Does anyone know where....

I can have my shoes dyed Cobalt blue? I have always planned on dying my shoes to match my BM's dresses...and found my ideal pair for 75% off online!! But I know places like David's only dye's shoes you purchase from them. Any help would be great!!

Re: Does anyone know where....

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    I used a place in Valley Junction- can't think of the name right now.  It is a dive of a place but did wonders on a really tough color to match!  I will look the name up when I get home.
    BTW- Love the blue shoe idea!
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    Yay!! Please do let me know the name of the place! I am so excited there is a local option...the only other thing I could think of was the online places that you send a swatch and your shoes to! And thanks! My ma is a little terrified of the blue...but you'll only be able to see them when I want them to be seen:)
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    I love this idea!! I am doing it too!! Please let me know where the place is as well!!!
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    My mom had a few 'fears' about my wedding too- then when she saw the 'ideas' she was blown away!  Stick to your guns on this one- it is a great idea!
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    I had my shoes dyed watermelon color there, and they're great! It's right around the corner from the Theatrical Shop, up a few little stairs. It's not very well marked, but that's it.
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    Thank you:) I will be going there to have them done!! Can't wait to see the final product!
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    I was just thinking about this! I bought a pair of shoes that I have to wear for my sisters wedding...thinking about dying them for my own. :) Thanks!
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