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Photographer Reviews

We are trying to decide on our wedding photographer. Has anyone used any of the following  photographers and if so what did you think of thier work for your special day?
Paul Taylor
El Photography
Red Door
Any information would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!

Re: Photographer Reviews

  • I haven't used any of the photographer's that you've mentioned but I looked at their sample photos on their websites and I love Paul Taylor! I thought about using him for our wedding but he's a bit over our budget. However, I think you should go with the photographer that fits your style. To me, I think Paul Taylor and El Photography are more than contemporary than Red Door. Red Door seems like a more tradtional photographer. Just my opinion though :)
  • We are using Paul Taylor for our wedding in October. I have been to a couple of weddings he has done and also seen some of  his other work and he is great! He was very nice to work with when we booked him and he seems like a lot of fun! He is a little expensive, but everyone told me that pictures is one thing we should not skimp on. Good luck! 
  • Hi Lindsay! 

    This is a few months old so assume you might have already booked a photographer. If not I would more than love to shoot your wedding! Feel free to check out our work at ZTS Photo

    Thanks so much!
  • Did you find a photographer? Email me if you would like to see my work! [email protected]
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