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Raccoon River Nature Lodge Question


I'm planning a wedding in the Des Moines area from Dallas so I'm trying to gather as much information before my next visit to the Des Moines area. 

I love love love the Raccoon River Nature Lodge but their website seems to have fairly limited information. I'm hoping you ladies can answer a question for me before I contact the Lodge directly.

Does anyone know what the catering policy is? Do you have to use a licensed caterer or are you able to bring your own food and drink? We wouldn't do all of the food ourselves (way too stressful!) but since we are planning a Sunday brunch reception we would like to bring in some of our favorite pasteries etc...

Any helpful hints or information about this venue is greatly appreciated!! 

Re: Raccoon River Nature Lodge Question

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    I had my bridal shower there and we were able to bring our own food.
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    Great, thank you!!
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    Yep, they let you pretty much do whatever there. I know if you have alcohol, you have to have some other stuff, like a police officer has to be there... something like that. The lodge is actually where we had our wedding ceremony. It's gorgeous for pictures.
    The only other things I could tell you would be that you do have to do setup yourself and tear down, otherwise pay their cleaning fee. They have tables and chairs available, no extra cost.
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    If you have any other questions, just PM me and I might be able to help! Our wedding was there just last month :)
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