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Dress Issue???

I bought my dress around two months ago, and I've lost 32 lbs ever since. I am very, very worried that I will have to pay a lot for alterations, knowing that I am still to lose at least another 8 lbs (this is my target).
So ladies, do you know anyone in Iowa - Des Moines or Carroll area - that could do an ultimatum alteration for me in about one week? Am I asking too much???
The store where I bought the dress won't be able to offer me this service time wise before my travel to Iowa....Cry 

Re: Dress Issue???

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    medusia00medusia00 member
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    That is awesome, congrats on the weight loss!

    I think the best bet is going to be to call a place either here or Carroll to see what their turn around time is. I know that most places will work with you.

    There is a place in Valley West Mall, I think it's called Kim's Tailors that would be nice, it is right off the freeway and super easy to get to.

    HTH :)
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    Thanks Katie!!! I am very excited but very worried as well. Definitively I will find this place!
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    saraann62saraann62 member
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    I would call Bridal Country in Carroll.  They did the alterations on my bridesmaids dresses.  There are also some ladies in Carroll who do alterations out of their house, but I am not sure what their turn around time is.  I can't remember what your dress looks like, would it be easy or difficult to alter it?  Also thank you for the wedding gift!
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    @ Sarann62 - Hey Sara, how are you doing? Congrats on your wedding!!! Looking forward to see your pictures!!!
    And yes, I will call Bridal Country as well. I am hoping that DB where I bought the dress and will pick it up on June 06 can exchange one or two sizes...sigh, but I am very happy with my weight loss as well!!!
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