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Problems with David's?

Has anyone else had similar problems with David's Bridal?  I've had the same thing happen to me at two seperate locations - Har Mar and Maple Grove.  I ordered my ceremony/reception accessories (Guest book, RB pillow, unity candle) in Ivory & Truffle and they all came back correct, except for the unity candle, which came back in white.  When I brought it to their attention, the customer service rep told me that the candle isn't available in Ivory...my question is why would they let me order it that way if it wasn't availalbe? The second time it was with my headpiece.  I ordered earrings and a headpiece in gold, but the headpiece came back in silver.  It was the same thing - they then told me it wasn't available in gold!Kinda irked with them right now!

Re: Problems with David's?

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    I had a problem with David's in Maple Grove.  My girlfriend and I walk in to just look at dresses.  This sales clerk came over in a snotty tone of voice and said We do things differently here at David's Bridal - you need an appointment in order to try on dresses.  Did she honestly think I was going to start pulling thousand dollar dresses off the hanger and go into a dressing room by myself?  What an insult to our intelligence and gave a bad impression to my friend and I.
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    I've been pretty lucky with David's by the sounds of it. I have been to Roseville, MG and Richfield several times, and I never was once treated rudely. Then again, we weren't shopping for wedding gowns, just bridesmaid dresses and we knew exactly what we were looking for. It does help that my friends and I are a little agressive when it comes to customer service, so we gave them a run for their money if we needed something!! hehehe
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    I went to David's in Har Mar and had an awful experience. It was so bad that I called the corporate office (which didn't seem to help because I ended up playing phone tag and gave up). My MOH also had a bad experience at the Har Mar location several years ago. I ended up going to Mary Kay's and found my dress. I definately recommend Mary Kay's or the Wedding Shoppe (where I got our BM dresses). Both places were very patient, helpful, and knowledgable. My mom and I did go to the David's in Woodbury this past weekend and it was a much better experience. I suppose like everywhere you go, it depends who you get to help and what day of the week it is.
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    I think it really does depend on who you work with.  I have only ever been to the one in Woodbury/Oakdale, but have had a different experience just about everytime.  The one thing that I do have to give them credit for was actually taking me seriously, when many bridal stores didn't because I'm only 19 and some places seem to think that I just want to play dress up or something.  I went there one night with my mother and a couple of my bridesmaids to try on their dresses and when we walked in the manager asked one of the consultants to help us and she replied in a really snotty tone "I guess, but I'm still leaving on time whether you like it or not"  I couldn't believe that she would talk to her manager like that, but especially in front of a group of customers.  When one of my bridesmaids asked for a smaller size she told her that "she wouldn't be able to breathe in a 6" when we could grab and pull large amounts of material away from her body in the size 8 sample.  I did order my bridesmaid dresses from them, but I don't think I would trust them with my dress.
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    I ordered that kind of stuff online from DB and everything turned out great.  I think some of those girls at the desk at DB don't know much about the products and they just make things up as they go along.  I'm sure they have that candle in Ivory
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    My first visit to the David's bridal in Roseville was not a good one but I had to go back there because they were the only one that had the dress I was looking for because it was discontinued but after i did but it the alterations lady didn't fix all the problems with my dress but I didn't have to pay for any of it so I am not going to complain. I would recommend if you go to Roseville to ask for pat if she is still there she's lots of fun and really helpful.

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