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Bridal Showers - when to have?

I know this question is going to come up with our families, because ours is the first time our aunts are going to be throwing showers --- so my question is, when are they typically held in relation to the wedding?  Our wedding is the end of May next year, and I don't want to have the shower a month before (that's too close and I think people would be on overload).  We're not in school or anything so have no conflicting events....I just don't know the "typical" timing.  Thanks ladies!

Re: Bridal Showers - when to have?

  • jfoss11336jfoss11336 member
    edited December 2011
    I also didn't want to have the bridal shower the month before the wedding. My Wedding is October 17, 2009 and my bridal shower is August 16th. I also didn't want to have multiple showers, so my mom and bridesmaids arranged for one shower at a hotel where we rented a room. My shower was also scheduled early to the fact that everyone is so busy, including me and this was one of the few days open for everyone. If you have it early it is one less thing  to do. =)
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    My wedding is September 19th and I had one May 9th, I am having one this Saturday and then possibly one Aug 29th...the day after my bach. party. I don't know about that one! Ha!!
  • LMK613LMK613 member
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    my wedding is also October 17 - and I'm having my first shower Aug 8th (being thrown by my sister/MOH), this one is for my friends & people more around my age...then my mom's group of friends always throws an Alphabet shower when a daughter gets married...so that one is Sept 12....i wanted them spread out, and not too close to the wedding date
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  • hkieslinghkiesling member
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    My wedding is in October and we had ours over the 4th of July.  It was convenient for the family that way.  I would say 2 - 6 months is typical.  I could wrong, but that seems to be what I've seen posted before.
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    I'd say any time after the first of the year would be appropriate.  Any earlier and you're getting into holiday craziness.  My wedding was late November, I had a shower in late September and one in mid-October.  Worked well for  me.  Any earlier, and I'd hate to have to find a place for everything, especially because we didn't have our own place until October.  If I were you, I'd opt for March/early April showers.  :)  You could get some good themes out of that!
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    My wedding is Nov. 14th and I just had my first shower last weekend (July 25th).  My second shower will be Sept. 5th.They both needed to be during the summer/early fall since I  have 7 weddings to go to this fall and my sisters are still in college so they'll get busy the longer we wait.It was fun to remember what the wedding is really about and to enjoy some "fun" wedding stuff early on, it got me excited about planning again!
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  • AimothyAimothy member
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    Another October 17 bride here (I didn't know there were so many of us!) and I just had my first shower last weekend, and will havet two more on August 2 and 8.  I wanted to get the majority of them done this summer, as back to school/fall time is crazy for me (teacher going to grad school). I think we'll have one late September, as well.  I agree with the previous poster to wait until after the New Year to avoid the craziness of the holidays...I was worried that people would think it's "weird" that my showers are so early, but no one thought twice about it.

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  • Maria92609Maria92609 member
    edited December 2011
    I agree that anytime after the holidays would be appropriate.  My wedding is 9/26 and I had one in early June, and will have others 8/29, 8/30, and 9/12. The dates were mostly chosen based on when it was convenient for the hostess, and unless I had a major conflict, I went with the date proposed by the hostess, since they are the ones offering to throw the party.
  • doxx0048doxx0048 member
    edited December 2011
    My wedding is October 16th (sounds like a busy wedding weekend!) and I am having one shower here in DC at the end of August and one in MN on September 25th. 
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    I had my first shower on 5/2/09, bachelorette party 5/9/09, and OOT shower with the ILs on 5/16/09, wedding was 6/20/09.  It was great timing and worked out perfectly.I think the only person who would be on overload would be the bride.  The others really aren't getting ramped up until 1-2 weeks before the wedding.
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  • rkroerrkroer member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the feedback!  I've never paid attention to the shower timing in relation to how close/how far it is to the wedding --- I just know that we threw my cousin's shower this past May on the Saturday before Memorial Day, and her wedding was June 28th.  It was literally a month before, and while that was the only weekend she had free due to school, it seemed her and my aunt were so frazzled with everything else to do that it would have been better if we could have done it earlier.I just don't want that to happen with me, and of course it's not my call on when they are hosted (and even if it's the day before I'd still be so grateful and honored they'd do this for me at all) but if they ask for suggestions I wanted to know the protocol.  Too early seems would make it hard to stash everything back at our apt, but at least then I'd have time to write the thank you cards -- and too close to the wedding and I'd feel distracted by my list of To Do's I think.Anyway, thanks so much!!!!
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    I agree with the stashing thing... I move in the apt FI and I just signed the papers on, and that stuff will go with me from my parents house...As for my shower, my only shower was June 20, and my wedding is August 22nd...It worked well because my MOH's made a weekend out of it by having the bach party friday night and the shower saturday afternoon..
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    I generally think of showers being about 1-2 months before the wedding.  Usually the bride just has to show up, so it shouldn't be an inconvenience to her! :)But do what works for you and your shower plannenrs--there's no hard and fast rules.
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