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Getting Numbers to the Caterer

So, our wedding is over a holiday weekend and we got a lot more "No" RSVPs than we were expecting. We invited 200, told the caterer we were thinking 175 would show up, but now I'm thinking it will be about 125. Is this something to be worried about? We don't have anything in the contract about minimums, but If I were him I'd be a little ticked that I wasn't going to make as much money as from a larger wedding. I know most people are worried about going over budget, but should I be worried about being way under?

Re: Getting Numbers to the Caterer

  • Kambria11Kambria11 member
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    If you don't have a minimum or have to stick by the original number you gave them, I wouldn't worry about it. He has dedicated to be your caterer, no matter if that number is 50 or 150. If they were worried about numbers they would have a requirement in their contract. Save the money, and/or spend it on something else. Apps, champagne toast...etc,
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    I wouldn't worry about it.  Your wedding is over a month away, and as long as you get them a number fairly close to your final number within a week or two of the event (whatever your contract says), he won't be out any money on food he's purchased.  If he was worried about making as much money on a bigger wedding, he'd have a minimum written in the contract like the PP said.  So, don't worry :) HTH!
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    We had this happen to us as well. We were expecting around 230 and ended up with 180.  We did not have a min so it wasn't a big deal for us. We were very happy with what the bill ended costing in the end!
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    Definitely don't worry about it.  We told our caterer 185 and we ended up with 138.  As long as you still meet the food/bev minimum it doesn't matter what your final count is.
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