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You have the same ceremony location as me -- are you planning on decorating at all? I've always felt that the Chapel was gorgeous on its own, but I'm interested to hear whether you're doing anything special!

Re: **jaramler**

  • jaramlerjaramler member
    edited December 2011
    No I'm not going to decorate.  Like you said, it is so beautiful on its own and I don't think it needs anything to make it more special or make it a "wow".  As a guest I've never really noticed pew decorations/flowers in churches anyway (and sometimes they can look tacky with tulle, etc).  And being the mass is only an hour of the day, I think the money is better spent at the reception.I think decorations/candles/flowers can be needed and add a lot for people having a non-church wedding, like outside or just some other site because you'd need to make it look like a really special place.  But the church is so pretty, and they've done some renovations even in the past couple years (since we've graduated) behind and above the altar, I think it is just spectacular as it is. Plus we only have about 30 minutes after the ceremony to clear everything and everybody out of there or you lose your deposit, so that is another reason to have less to have to clean up.I've seen really pretty pictures of wreaths on church doors that I love.  Since mine is in the winter, flowers are obviously out.  I've been considering looking into pine/wintery wreath(s).  But I'd have to see if that is possible and how it could be hung.  And it comes back to people might not notice/care and it is one less thing to worry about if I don't do it.Wow - long!  :) 
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