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NWR just need to vent....

As we discussed last week CANCER SUCKS

FI's grandma found out she had cancer ( I can't remember specifically where, I think somewhere in her intestines) the summer of 08.  She had sucessful surgery to remove it and was back to her normal self within no time. 

Last week she underwent colon surgery to remove a portion of it for a blockage or something like that on it. (Pretty obvious I am completely stupid when it comes to medical stuff!! ) After running some tests they found out yesterday that the cancer is back and spread to a few other places.  She is 84 years old so there is not alot they can do for her.  They told her she had about a year most likely unless she died of other causes before that....  It completely bums me out because she is awesome and so active and I know how much FI loves his grandma!

The saddest part is a few days ago while he was visiting her at the hospital she told him she just wanted to be able to make it to our wedding :(  ugh I feel terrible about how far off our wedding is.... makes me think we should consider finding a way to move it up a bit!

BOO CANCER YOU BLOW!  It has affected someone in our immediate families each of the last 4 years....ridiculous!

Cancer go away!

Thanks for letting me complain!

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Re: NWR just need to vent....

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    Wow, I don't know what to say.  Thats awful.  :(

    [virtual hug]
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  • bemistobebemistobe member
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    Boo cancer! That's awful...I'm so sorry! Like you, cancer has hit us hard in my family too...it sucks.

    Stay strong girl!
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    I'm so sorry.. that is the worst.  But you hear stories a lot about how people hold on because they are looking forward to a big event.  I'm sure she is so happy and proud for your wedding.. and it gives her something to be joyful about and look forward too! 

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    Thanks guys!  When we decided on our wedding date last winter, in the back of my mind I was worried about the grandparents all making it....  She is a strong lady though and I know how much she loves Tory (FI) so I am sure she will try her hardest to stick around!
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    I'm so sorry to hear that Kayla.  Cancer sucks.  Big time.  Thoughts and prayers for his grandma!
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    Cancer blows. 13 people in my family so far. Evil. I'm sorry that you are dealing with this.  I think that people do try and hold on as long as they can.  Obviously she is a fighter and if she's active and otherwise healthy that is a really good start.  Just spend what time you can with her and perhaps try and move some of the pre-parties up.  Maybe have a late engagement party that she could be a part of or a shower?

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    I'm so sorry!!!  *hugs*
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