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Bachelorette Party - Nonalcoholic fun!

Hey everyone, I'm looking for suggestions for ideas for a bachelorette party I need to throw for my best friend probably around the end of July 2013. Anything around the twin cities or the greater area would be awesome for the local. The bride and about half of the bridesmaids don't drink so we can't go with the traditional bar hopping type of party but I still want to make it a night she will remember. My bride is super althetic and always looking for a new adventure, almost always open to something new so send any ideas or things you guys have done my way! One thing to note is about 90% of us are college students so budget is an important factor. I was thinking about ending the night in a nice hotel downtown, but I need something(s) to fill the evening. 

Re: Bachelorette Party - Nonalcoholic fun!

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    Pure romance parties are fun, free and entertaining. Also renting a boat on a near by lake is a fun time. Bowling too. I played softball in high school so my maids are bringing me to the batting cages.
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    We actually did a pole dancing session for mine. It was so much fun!! I totally didn't think it was my thing but my friends and I all had a riot doing the class. We went to Burlesque MN, they had a ton of snacks and beads and garters and stuff for us. And it's a total workout! Your athlete friend would not be bored. :)
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    Pinstripes in Edina! It's an upscale bowling alley/restaurant, I've been there a few times with friends and it's awesome.
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    If you want to try something fun, try a barre class!  Republic Wellness does special event Barre classes and they have a studio in St. Louis Park.  They also do other bootcamps!  
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    [QUOTE]If you want to try something fun, try a barre class!  Republic Wellness does special event Barre classes and they have a studio in St. Louis Park.  They also do other bootcamps!   Thier website is <a href="http://www.republicwellnessmn.com" rel="nofollow">www.republicwellnessmn.com</a> or <a href="http://republicwellnessmn.com/small-group-bridal-bootcamp/" rel="nofollow">http://republicwellnessmn.com/small-group-bridal-bootcamp/</a>
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    Thanks to everyone who responded so far, this definitely sounds like her! 
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    For my sisters bachlorette party we went and had dinner and a comedy show at acme comedy club in Minneapolis. For 35.00 dollars (I think thats what it was) you get tickets, reserved seating, and 15.00 credit towards your meal from the resturant. There is also a semi private room that we used. Shes not a drinker and he had a ton of fun.
    Hope this helps!
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