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Where to create save the dates?!

Hi ladies, so a friend of mine or so i thought was a friend of mine was going to fo my save the dates, well she has become extremely unreliable, I'm at the 6 month mark for the wedding and want to get these out ASAP, so i was wondering what websites are good fo letting you design save the dates. I found one that i would like to go off of..so essentialy a website that has alot of flexibilty and stuff in designs. Please  let me know thanks!!

Re: Where to create save the dates?!

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    Vistaprint! Sign up for their emails first to get really good (i.e. free) deals.  

    You can use their designs and customize them... or download their template and design your own  in photoshop, etc. and upload as a picture.
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    Ditto Vistaprint!  I highly recommend doing postcards, because it will help you save on postage and they're super cheap if you wait for their e-mail deals. 
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    Just google "free vistaprint postcards" and a link will pop up and you get 100 for free, just pay shipping. Repeat as needed until you get as many as you need.
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    I used shutterly to do a photocard - ordered and got free shipping. not too expensive and arrived in less than a week.
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    I also ditto vistaprint -  beware its addicting! I know several girls that have designed them in photoshop too and uploaded them to Vistaprint-- seems to be very handy. However I am not good at photoshop! :(
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    We used Vistaprint Postcards as well. FI designed them in Powerpoint and then we uploaded them (for free with coupon recv'd via email) to the Vistaprint website. Postcards ended up being free and then postage was MUCH cheaper.  
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    We used magnetstreet.com.  We created a save the date magnets and made all the colors how we wanted them.  They turned out great!
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    I loved my vista print postcards! I got the 100 free deal and only paid for shipping & a small fee to upload my own pic. They came out beautifully!
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