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Boudoir/Sexy pics for groom's gift?

I've been reading that taking boudoir photos is getting to be pretty popular as a groom's gift.  Have any of you tried it?  Or are planning to?  I think I want to do it, but I'm a little nervous since this is WAY out of my comfort zone.  I think he'd love it though.  Any advice?  Suggestions of photogs?

Re: Boudoir/Sexy pics for groom's gift?

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    I did it as a birthday gift for my hubby 2 years ago.  It was totally out of my comfort zone too and DH never saw it coming.  Seeing his face was pretty funny.  He was totally shocked but loved it.  I did it at a party (yes, that sounds funny!).  One of my friends had a photog come in and join us for ladies night and if you wanted to have pics taken, you just brought your stuff along.  It was a fun way to do it because the ladies at the party were totally encouraging (although the pics were done in a different room without an audience).  

    I ended up doing pics in one of DH's button down shirts with a tie, in a lace camisole/black bra/ lace trimmed boyshorts with a strand of pearls, and then in one of his favorite team's hockey jerseys.  
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    I did mine through Elusive Art by Kemmetmueller Photography. They turned out awesome! Elle made me feel comfortable; she's great! I haven't given them to my fiance yet, but I can't wait. They only take shots that make you look beautiful. Bring a friend, I did and she helped me relax.
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    I did! I had butterflies in my stomach the entire time I was driving to the studio and kept thinking "I can't believe I'm doing this!" I had mine taken by Cadence Cornelius and she was FABULOUS! I could not recommend her more! The entire shoot I was so comfortable that we even took some shots outside (the area that her studio is in is on a pretty secluded road). I als couldn't believe how much FUN it was! I brought a ton of stuff and we laid it all out and she helped me pick out the outfits that I was going to wear. My husband's favorite color is black, so we made sure to get some with black items and then other things that I brought. When I got the CD not even 2 weeks later, I previewed it and was jumping up and down in my chair with how awesome the pictures turned out. She really made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process, and she has great communication.

    My wedding was last Saturday (June 16th) and I gave my husband the CD then. We looked at them when we got home, and he was floored by all the pictures, and totally in awe. He absolutely loves them all. And one of his favorites is one that we took outside. Definitely the perfect gift :)

    Here is her website:

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    I did mine through Sugar and Spice Photography. I could not say one thing bad about them, they were fantastic and made me feel great. 
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    I also went with Cadence, and I LOVED her and the hair/make-up and stylist team she had!  It was really important that I still looked like me, so the hair and make-up was awesome but still somewhat natural.  So if you're going for that, I would highly recommend them!
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    I did them and gave them to FI for his birthday and he loved them. Wants me to do more! I highly recommend Custom Creations Photography and Boudior Pixies.
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    I did mine recently with Britt from Render Photography.  She was awesome!  I would highly recomend her.  The pictures turned out amazing and I can't wait to give them to my fiance in less than a month!
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    I'm getting mine done in August from Sugar and Spice.  Super super super excited about it!  I say go for it!

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