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RSVP card

Can everyone please show me how they did their rsvp card? Im having a super hard time finding a good layout.

Also I am getting married at the Marriot West in St. Louis park. On their website they don't have directions. So for my directions insert how do I find out from the north, south, east, and west?

Thanks in advance ladies :)

Re: RSVP card

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    It might help that we are having a chicken, beef, fish, and kids meal option!
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    PM me your email and I'll send you a Publisher file of ours.

    ETA: You can actually send an email to davidandshannan(at)gmail.com
    and I'll attach it in my reply.
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    Agree with Shannon - if you want what our's looks like I can send you the file for them... we have a front and back 5x4 card and an envelope... some people do postcards. I struggled with how to create our's as well! My email is 1029wedding at gmail. com
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    An image of my RSVP card is in the Planning section of my bio under invitations if you'd like another reference... we had a buffet so only asked people if they needed any kids or vegetarian meals!

    We did not do a directions card... my FIL made a map that we passed out after the wedding ceremony!  It wasn't as pretty as I had wanted it to be, but it did the job :)

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    Ours is similar to the second picture in our designer's gallery http://www.theaerialistpress.com/letterpress_wedding_invitation_gallery.htm

    it has the little chicken, fish and a carrott images. While people have said this is cute, its been a pain in the butt feilding questions on what type of fish. We put that info on our website, but I think we might have needed to say it on the card.
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    Thanks ladies! I sent you email. :)
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    Although we are not getting married at the Marriott Minneapolis West, we do have our hotel room block there. PM me and I can send you the direction card they gave me for my invitations. It has directions from north, south, east and west. I printed them up and included them in all of the invites for OOT guests.
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    hmmm...the spacing isn't transferring onto this post correctly... but at least you get the idea on wording.....

    We have reserved _____ seats in your honor
    The favor of your reply is requested before (Date)
    Indicate each guest’s entrée selection with initials
    ___________ Chicken
    ___________ Beef
    __________ Pasta
    ___________ Children’s meal
    Warning No formatter is installed for the format bbhtml
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