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I've been REALLY bad about tracking my food lately, and I think its catching up with me, as I haven't been making the best choices (oops). I have continued to work out though, so I think that has helped me not completely go off track. 

So, starting today, I NEED to be more conscious of what I put into my body again. I've also started doing Tracy Anderson's Mat DVD and I REALLY like it. Some serious toning going on there, which I think will be a good supplement to my running. Gotta get ready for shorts and shorter skirts...not to mention bathing suits! LOL. I'm also hoping that nice weather comes and stays so that I can be outside more just walking around.

How is everyone else holding up?

Re: Losin' It!

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    I hit the 20 lb lost mark today, whoohoo! After a 2 week plateau, it was really nice to finally have some major progress. I had not been tracking as diligently as I was when I first started either, so I got back to it and lo and behold, progress. :)

    And I know I said this earlier, but I'm still so excited about it - my BM dress for my little brother's wedding, which I ordered a size to small, FITS!!! So I'm feeling pretty awesome this week! Smile

    Bathing suits... yeah, I've got a good 4 months before I can even think about that! Heh. So no suits for me this summer, but hoping to be able to wear one when we go to FL in September for a friend's wedding!

    ETA: I just saw my ticker after posting this and got super excited, hee hee. It feels so good to have hit such a big number already!
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    Congrats Cackle!! 20 lbs! WOW!
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    I agree...I need to TRACK TRACK TRACK! I was bad this weekend! I am down about 35 lbs since December, but we moved this weekend and had no food/too tired to cook something healthy so we ate out. A lot. Like, Panera for breakfast, subway for lunch and the Tavern for dinner...junk food! We did get a couple work outs in though. Headed to the grocery store to stock up and start fresh for a new week!
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    ohh. annnnnd I drank! like, 4 days this week! I usually limit myself to one night a week (usually Saturday) but people were around helping us and beer/ skinny margaritas were everywhere...and lots in my tummy! ahhhh! a little more than 4 months til our wedding. I can't fall off the band wagon anymore!
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    Cackle, congrats on the 20 pounds!  That is awesome!

    I was MIA and in Mexico last Monday, but am down two more pounds for a total of 3 down and 4 to go.  Considering I was out-of-town the last two weekends, I am super proud of myself for not eating too much over the weekends like I usually would.

    With PMS and all that comes with it on the way this week, my goal is to maintain for a week. And of course, keep TRACKING!

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    I was awful this weekend...too much eating out and not enough healthy stuff going on. 

    I'm back on the wagon this week, eating fruits/veggies for snacks and trying not to get cookies from the cafeteria after lunch (which I am TERRIBLE and do too often).

    I did way too much dairy last weekend too and am back on the dairy free train for now.

    GL everyone!
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    The week started out well, and then kinda was a train wreck. My parents were staying with us, I  had an allergic reaction (it wasn't terrible but I did loose enough sleep over the itchiness that I couldn't work out) and now I have a really bad cold, so no energy. I am hoping tomorrow I can start exercising again. I didn't weigh myself today, but I am not too worried, will just start again and weigh myself next week.
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