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Yikes! It's happening PIP

I dropped off our invitations at the post office on Monday (that was a big sigh of relief) and today we've already had the first seven replys show up in the mail! That was really fast! I feel like there's still so much to do and time keeps slipping away.

My MOH came over last night and helped me whip out most of our favors. We're giving out jars of honey to our guests. We ran out of honey for the last few jars so I'll have to go pick more up this weekend. I'm really happy with how they turned out though!

Re: Yikes! It's happening PIP

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    Yay congrats on getting the invites out and those are such cute favors! :)
  • Enchanted616Enchanted616 member
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    Love the honey!  Soo cute!

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    Yay for RSVP's!!  We're sending our invites out next week & I can't wait to start getting the RSVP's back!  Love your favors too!  Very cute!  = )
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    Agree that the favors are cute- I would like to go to a wedding with honey favors, I currently have none in the house so that would help me out Laughing

    I also think it will be exciting to see who can and can't make it. I have already had two surprises (one for sure can't make it and one nashville person is flying in!)

    so I am sure there will be more :)
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    That's great! :)
    And your favors are sooo cute :)
  • EmilyW416EmilyW416 member
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    Cute! I love your favors!
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