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Rants: My finger is still hurting, (I think I jammed it), & I'm having major issues at work with this huge metal thing on my finger!  It's really hard to type with!  It may be time to make a doctors appointment, since it's hurt for over a week now!  = /

Raves:  It's FRIDAY!!  = )  So glad the weekend's here, I'm in need of it badly!  Hoping to make some headway on our slideshow & programs this weekend.  Also, have my hair trial tomorrow & FI & I have our first meeting with our priest in the afternoon.  A little nervous, but hoping all goes well!

Have an amazing weekend ladies!  = )


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    Rants: It is that time of the month for me. And I had really bad cramps yesterday.. :/ They are pretty much gone today, but boy do I hate this. Sorry if it is tmi.

    Raves:  My FI is coming down to move his stuff from one apartment to the other. I will be helping him and I am just so excited to spend the entire weekend with him. :) It's been a while since it can just be him and I. And he is staying until Monday which is just perfect! :) Also another rave is it is almost August, which means I am getting closer to being only one year away from our wedding! <3
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    YAY Weekend!

    Rants: can't say I have much today. :)

    Raves: I got my first Iphone last night-soooo exciting! I also am excited to spend an entire weekend not leaving the metro. Going bridesmaids shopping with my MoH, then spending some time with FI packing up our apartment to move on to our new house. Sunday I hope to catch up on all the TV I've DVR'd this week-Project Runway, Teen Mom, and Say Yes to the Dress!

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    Rants:  Not enough time in a day to get everything done that I want to get done.

    Rave:  Leaving town today for FI's hometown.  His family is throwing us a 'couples shower' this Sunday.  So excited!!!!
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    Rants: None :)

    Raves: I have a lot!! I am finishing some DIY projects this weekend! I am going out to dinner with the family tomorrow for my birthday. One of my BM's dress came in :) I just received my grades for my summer classes and got all A's! And I am extremely happy with how my semi-brooch bouquet turned out, pics coming later today!
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    Rants: I'm tired of having annoying coworkers who like to start drama. Considering you're almost 30 years old...gossiping and giving your coworkers the silent treatment is really immature.

    Raves: Today is 28 days from the wedding! Also, babysitting our Goddaughter tonight-so excited to take her to the park!
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    RANT: Coming back from the honeymoon I feel completely overwhelmed with stuff to do. Mountains of laundry, all the thank you cards, cleaning up our apartment which is full of boxes, changing my name & joining all of our accounts and insurance, looking for work, blah blah blah. I'm such a whiner!

    RAVE: FI's birthday is this weekend and we finally get to go see Harry Potter to celebrate! Since we just had the wedding and HM we decided to do something cheap. I'm down with that, I love HP!!!!
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    Rant:  I called my mom to see if she wanted to go shopping for an e-pic outfit with me.  She had just started painting her kitchen so she couldn't go.  So we talked about schedules, and it looks like the next time we'll be able to get together is probably when we visit OH in September.  Lame.  My e-pics will probably already be done by then.

    Rave:  FI took me out for Chinese food last night, and I had some left over for lunch today.  Pretty much made my day!

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