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Wedding Date Dilemma!

So me and my FI want to have a fall wedding but our dream wedding venue (its perfect! the price, location, food, and they have an outdoor area for people to relax) is booked from may till October 27th. So we are now looking at having our wedding on the 27th! Is that a good date to have a wedding? Both of us love the outdoors so we want to take pictures outside. Thanks!

Re: Wedding Date Dilemma!

  • Personally, I would go with it.  October is a beautiful month.  It could be cold and snowy or it could be warm and clear.  Either way, you can get beautiful pictures outside.  I'm getting married in July and want to get outdorr photos, but it could rain or even be a thunderstorm.  You just never know.

    If it's the venue you want, I say go for it!
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  • We got married on 10/21 of this year and it was BEAUTIFUL outside. No matter what day you choose in any of the seasons, there is a chance that the weather could be bad and not get outdoor photos. I say go for it...if it's your dream venue...
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  • I got married October 9th, 2009 and it snowed during our reception.  This is Minnesota.  Anything can happen weatherwise!  Book it and hope for the best.  For what its worth, we took outside pics even though it was only in the low 40s.  I just threw some nice big blankets in the car and people could wrap up in them if they were standing around and getting cold.  The guys did fine in their tuxes and I was fine because my gown held all the heat in.  lol.
  • I'm an October bride and I say book it!   It seems as though October's are becoming nicer and nicer.   But with October you really can't have specific weather expectations - at least not the same as you would in the summertime.   You can pick gorgeous fall colors, too.  :)
  • I'd agree with PPs and say go for it. Weather is pretty unpredictable around here. I never thought I'd have to PRAY for snow for my pretty winter wedding photos, but here I am hoping the forecast changes by next week! Crazy MN.
  • If you're worried about weather, it's MN -- you have to be worried about weather no matter when you're getting married. I guess I don't understand what your issue is. You said you want a fall wedding, and that's what you'd be getting on 10/27. Just an FYI, if you wait just a week and have your wedding at the beginning of November, you may be a bit more likely to get off-season discounts from vendors. And one week wouldn't really make a big difference in the weather.
  • We got married 10/29 and it was AMAZING and beautiful outside... we didn't have the fall colors everywhere but our photogrpahers were incredible and captured everything that we wanted! I say go with it... and we got "off season" prices because most vendors weren't booked for that last weekend in October! Do what you can to save the money! :)

  • It sounds like a wonderful deal-- I say go for it. In the end if you were able to stick with your budget, had great food for your guests, and loved your venue, those are the things that usually matter most. Yes, it could be snowing that day, but it could also be anything else, really. We got married in July and it was one of the hottest days of the year, but in MN it could have been cold and windy, you never know. Besides, when you look back at your pictures you see the love in your faces and the wonderful memories from that day, no matter what it was like outside.
  • My fiance and I just relocated to MN a few months ago. We weren't sure what the weather would be like in October, but figured we'll make it work no matter what happens!  We picked 10/13/12 for our wedding date in St. Paul!
      I looked at the 10 and 20 year historical averages for weather temps and about that time of year is supposed to be beautiful. Here's to hoping! 
  • We had the same exact dilemma!

    My dream location has been the Saint Paul Hotel since before I can remember. They book out very quickly and because of our work schedules we were only looking into September or October of 2012. The ONLY Saturday they had available from May through November was October 27th. I did not want a Halloween wedding, BUT it gives all our friends and family something fun and different to do.

    Also, we are completely staying away from any orange/red/brown color combos and going for an elegant black and blush color scheme. The leaves will possibly be gone in some areas, but God willing the weather will be nice yet. We haven't gotten an October snow storm in a few years! ;)

    Good luck with your search!
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