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Do we need to have ushers?

Okay, so originally we were going to have our guests seated at their dinner tables for the ceremony (both at the same place), SO we didn't really have a need for ushers because people won't really need to be helped to their seats or dismissed, ya know?

Well I just got a call from our venue letting us know that they have their other banquet room still available for our wedding date, and we are now able to utilize BOTH!  Sooo we can have our ceremony in one room (theatre style seating/in chairs) and then our guests will be invited in to the other room for the reception.

Question though:  Do we need to ask someone to be an usher then/now or is it fine to just let people get up from their chairs and come in to the other room as they may? 

Re: Do we need to have ushers?

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