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Head Table Question

The catering director at my venue told me she is seeing more and more couples opt out of having a head table. At first I didn't think anything of this comment as I have never been to a wedding where the wedding party didn't sit at a head table. Now the more I think it, I'm starting to like the idea of sitting at regular round tables with everyone else...this way our attendants can sit with their significant others (or their +1).

Can anyone comment with any experience in regards to this? Am I missing any drawbacks to not going with a head table?

I feel this is a dumb question, but it never hurts to get opinions!

Thank you!

Re: Head Table Question

  • Most of TK is anti-head tables. We are personally having one, but I think it's a personal preference. There are a few options - head table with their dates (though being FI's date to a wedding where he was the best man made me realize how much more awkward I would have felt up there with him), a sweetheart table (either on a stage or just a small table somewhere in the front of the room), or like you said, sit at a regular table like everyone else. It's totally up to you and I don't think I'd side eye anything you do in regards to a head table or lack of one personally.
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  • We aren't having a head table either. We'd have to have a gigantic one if we included our WP's SOs and whatnot! Also, we didn't want to separate our Best Man from his wife and 4 kids.

    FI and I are having a sweetheart table and our WP members will be at a few round tables next to us. That way, their dates won't be separated and it'll be easier for them to mingle.

    I went to FI's cousin's wedding in December and we were seated with their WP's dates, I wouldnt've wanted to be one of them because they didn't know anyone! That confirmed for me to not separate our WP from their dates. Weddings are about love and bringing people together, I don't see the point in separating couples.
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  • We're opting for a head table. We like the idea of being separate for speeches especially, so guests are able to see us. We're also having a more casual dinner set up which will allow people to be more flexible in where they sit, how long they want to sit, etc. In my opinion, dinner is only a small portion of the entire wedding so it shouldn't be a big deal to have to sit in a specific place for an hour or so. Ultimately do what you feel will work best for you and what you and your FI want, not what a caterer or anyone else thinks.
  • We may do a Barron's Table or Kings Table. Large table all set up so everyone is facing each other and large enough so the significant others can also be seated with them!!
  • We did not have a head table, I didn't like the idea of sitting up front and having everybody looking at us.

    I'm glad we didn't, it also worked out well so that members of the bridal party could sit by their families.

    It's a matter of preference, I wouldn't fault anybody for having a head table if that's what they prefer.
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