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TMI Monday - BC


Re: TMI Monday - BC

  • newlyseliskinewlyseliski member
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    I'll be the lone weirdo and put in a plug for NFP... 

    I have been on the pill before, but only briefly for non-contraceptive reasons.  My periods were unpredictable and few and far between back in high school and my doctor was concerned that I wasn't ovulating.  The pill didn't really fix the problem and it turns out that I have PCOS which I was able to correct using metformin instead.  It wasn't until I started taking NFP classes (required part of my parish's marriage preparation) that I was able to diagnose specific things that affected my cycle and adjust accordingly.  I almost had a heart attack when I finally had two consecutive cycles that were the same length and a reasonable length! You can identify which days you're fertile and which days you aren't.

    No side effects other than the usual physical discomfort associated with your period.  I get really bad headaches and nausea the first day of my period... but can now proactively medicate since I can predict the day it will start.

    The downside that may not really appeal to anyone is that it takes a bit to learn and requires checking different signs of fertility and charting those signs.  FAM (fertility awareness method) isn't associated with any religious groups and I know a lot of people have self-taught using the "Take Charge of Your Fertility" book.  My fi and I instead opted for Creighton at the recommendation of my friend who has similar medical issues to me.
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