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317 on Rice Park - VENT!

So I have been trying to contact my event manager since before Christmas - and found out last week through an email auto-response that my event manager has left and they have not hired a new one yet.  The reason I was trying to contact my event manager was because 317 has been going through a merger and we were waiting on an updated menu.   The old event manager told us the prices would be the same, if not less than what they were at that time. 

We just sent out our save the dates this month and were hoping to have the menu finalized before then, but it was just not happening so we sent them out based upon what we were originally told.  (We wanted to send them out early since 80% of our guests are from out of town.)  Now I just got the new menu and it turns out they are a few dollars higher than what we originally thought and the service charge seems to have gone up as well. 

I am just upset they did not tell me my old contact was leaving, and the communication has been terrible since we booked with them last April.  Every time I had a question - it was several days before I got a response, if any.  Now I am dealing with the senior sales manager, and she has been pretty quick in responding - but she will not be my event manager.

The venue is GORGEOUS, so I wouldn't want to steer anyone away from them - but just wanted to give you the heads-up on what is going on if anyone is using them and hasn't heard back from their event manager, etc.   I know everything will work out, but it has definitely caused quite a bit of stressing out in the past week!!

Re: 317 on Rice Park - VENT!

  • That's awful! It's so unfortunate when businesses go through mergers and staff changes and don't think to keep up communication with their clients. If I were you, I would fight for the old menu prices since that's what you had originally discussed. If you had a contract with them, that may include food prices. Otherwise, I would keep hounding whoever your contact is now just because they should be practicing good business. Good luck, hope everything gets better from here!
  • You should be "grandfathered" into the old menu and pricing since you signed your contract based on that.  My venue didn't go through a merger, but they did change their package pricing and menu since we signed our contract last year.  We ended up liking the new menu more, but we were still told we can pick from the old because of when we signed the contract.

    I would fight for it.  Good luck!

  • That really sucks, and I agree you should be able to get them to lower the prices on the current meno to match old menu prices, or maybe get a free add on or something. Its at least worth asking, especially since its taking them so long to get someone to work with you. 
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