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Bachelorette Party

Hello All, 

I'm getting married in Minnesota in Dec. We currently don't live in Minnesota and my fiance is not much help in this department Laughing  Any suggestions of want my bridesmaids and I can do?

Re: Bachelorette Party

  • What's your party style? The cities have many different areas and each have a different "vibe".


  • Well, I'm not a big party person anymore. When I did go out it was mostly to places that let 18 and ups in (long time ago). That was mostly dance clubs. One thing I do know is that it has to be relatively inexpensive because of complaints of the bridal party.  
  • I suggest uptown
  • I'd think about maybe a casino. Can be pretty cheap to split rooms and you'd be able to bring your own alcohol, etc. 
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