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My fiance is looking to wear something different than that traditional tux. He is thinking something like a vest with a colored shirt. Here is an example.

He also likes to wear his clothes a little tighter than most. Since he is going for something different, we are concerned with how to handle dress for the groomsmen and having them match somewhat.

Can rental shops handle this?
How should we go about finding what the groom likes but satisfying the groomsmen?
Anyone ever buy pieces instead of renting?

All thoughts are much appreciated!!!

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    The first thing that jumped out at me is that if your FI wears a shirt and vest (which I think is great) the groomsmen probably shouldn't wear full-on tuxes. I would think that a rental place could do this, but for what you're looking for, I think you'd be better off buying.

    Also, are you set on having all the guys match exactly? If you're not going with a tux for them, I really like the idea of having them wear any black suit and picking a shirt color and finding matching ties. Or if FI will be wearing black pants and vest, they could wear something similar in gray, or the same thing with a different color shirt.

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  • We are not doing tuxes at all, FI is wearing a tan suit with a vest underneath, his one groomsan is wearing the same pants, shirt and tie. A little bit more casual of a look but  much more us, especially for an outdoor wedding in August. We bought it all at Nordstrom.

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  • Like PP said, depending on the colors you go with you might be better off buying as opposed to renting. Macy's for example has frequent sales on menswear. It wouldn't hurt to check with Men's Wearhouse or Savvi and see what options they have just as a reference.
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  • Love that look!  I agree with the ladies that you should probably purchase them.  Plus nice pants and dress shirt are likely something a guy would wear again.  MW has 50% off sales every once in a while, so if you're looking for matching vests, that might be a good place to check.  I'd go to one outside of a mall that has an actual suit shop, though.  Macy's also is a good option to look.

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