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Outdoor Ceremony- Photography Question?

So my wedding is at Lyndale Park Peace Gardens.
It states on the "rules" or whatever that I get the park from 3-6pm and all set-up, take-down, photos need to be done during that time.
That's only 3 hours... I'm concerned about photos and was thinking of starting these around 2pm and don't know if it will be a big deal or not if we take pics an hour before our alloted time.
Obviously if there is another wedding, we wont interfere but would like to take pictures around that area so that my family can be there for set up and stuff.

Has anyone had a ceremony at any of the Minneapolis Parks and asked about this?

Re: Outdoor Ceremony- Photography Question?

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    We're having our ceremony at Cowles Conservatory at the Walker Sculpture Garden, so we're also dealing with the Mpls Parks permits.  We've got our space from 12:00-3:00, but we're actually buying an additional photography permit for an hour afterward so we don't have to rush family photos and we can put off the reception for an hour.  I think the photography permits are $50 and are good for 90 minutes.  You'd still have to tear down your ceremony space by the time your original ceremony permit ends, but you'd at least have more time after to get all your pictures done legally (they DO kick people out if they don't have a permit).  Since you've got the space until 6:00, I highly doubt there's another wedding after yours, but when you get closer to the date, you can always ask them if anyone's booked for after 6:00 on your date.  We're doing the same thing to make sure we don't intrude for our rehearsal.
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    Kayla, when is your wedding? I reaaly want to do an outdoor ceremoney the end of September. We were actually thinking the same space as yours, it fits our number of people and parking is convenient. Are you renting chairs? I'm unsure about an outdoor space bc of the cost of chairs is so high, I counted $550 for 125 of them, including set up and tear down and delivery and all that. Anyways, I'm wondering how you're dealing with the stress of MN weather being so unexpected, and do you have a back upspot? My problem is our parents keep harping on the church ceremony. My dads saying it's not real if it's not in a church! Argh!
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    I was a bridesmaid in a wedding last sept at lyndale peace gardens. Ive been in three weddings in the last 4 years, but never have felt so rushed and unorganized as that wedding. There were 4 other weddings that showed up to take photos, no body to regulate the flow of traffic and everyone was standing around like "where do we go " They ended up holding the limo coach for 3 hours for a "staging area" and place to hide from all the choas. The site is lovely, just very popular on a nice Saturday in September. I think they had a 3 hour block. THe photographer knew the are well, so he was able to kind of "hide" the group and stay away from the main flow, yet take pics while the guests arrived. All the formals were prior to the ceremony. The wedding was 9-18-10. Hope this helps
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