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Has anyone done their RSVP's online? I was wondering how well it works. 

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  • I did ours the old fasioned way but I had to RSVP for a wedding this past summer online.  I didn't like it because I had to log in and reply for each person in the household (don't recall who was hosting the site so hopefully they aren't all bad like that).  I understand why that might be nice if only some members of a family could attend versus the entire group, but it was a pain to have to do it individually in my opinion.
  • My cousin was married this past summer and included both a phone number & email address to email an RSVP.  It wasn't formal at all-just a Google email address and she said it worked really well and was a great way for them to save money on postage, etc.

    I am contemplating doing the same being my list is under 80...not sure though. 
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  • I am doing a wedding website and on the website there is an option for an RSVP as well as putting in a meal option in the reception venue details.  I really want to use this and hope it will work.  The site is password safe so no one that doesn't have the password would be able to get into it...we included the site and password on our STD's.   I would also have to enter the entire guest list so the guest can find their name and then select yes/no and which meal.  I won't be able to tell you how effective it will be until next year.  I am thinking of including my telephone number as an alternative for the very few that don't know how to use the internet or can't get access to it.
  • With our invites we included a RSVP slip stating the three ways to go about responding to the invite. By phone, (listed both of our numbers) by email and by website. On our website through weebly we set up a form. It all worked super slick! Most people responded via website, and a handful through phone and email. We had all but 3-4 people who did not respond out of 180 invited. And they were people I totally expected to have to chase down, ha! WIth the form on weebly we were able to customize it with specific info, made some fields a requirement and then the response was sent directly to our email. However, The responses from weebly defaulted to our junk mail so we just had to remember to keep checking there. We just set up a joint e-mail through gmail so that we could both police it and in google docs was our guest list so it was an easy way to record the responses. Anyway, it was smooth for us and this is probably more info than you needed :)
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    I am planning on doing my RSVP's the exact same way.  I have the weebly site all set up and FI and I have the joint e-mail account that we are using for all things wedding related.  I am working now with the wording for the RSVP page.  Would you be willing to let me see yours so I can get some ideas?

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