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Has anyone used Stems Flower Market? I have a meeting with them Thursday and just wondering if anyone here has used them.

I am a little stressed because I have NO idea what I want my reception/ceremony to look like. Should I go with a theme? Its an outdoor wedding, in august. My colors are sage green/chocolate. anyone have any suggestions? I'm not all that creative when it comes to things like this, and afterall, I've never done this before :)
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    Your florist should have binders full of inspirationsn pics, mine had a ton!  Here are some ideas for centerpieces and bouquets that incorporate those colors and some other accent colors.  Look at pictures of flowers and pick out some you really like and maybe some you know you don't want.

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    When I met with our florist for the first time, I told him our wedding date, brought pictures of bouquets and flowers from magazines and gave him a dollar amount we did not want to exceed. Knowing all of this up, I think, prevented a lot of "over-spending". I'm getting all the colors, flowers and designs I want, but it is also included in my budget for flowers.

    Our florist is Russ with Changing Seasons, Independence. We are also using his linens and chair covers at a super discounted cost :) We are very excited!! Good luck Thursday.
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