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Does KC have a wholesale flower mart?

Wanting a wholesale flower mart where you can buy loose flowers.  Does KC have one?

Re: Does KC have a wholesale flower mart?

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    I've heard of some at the Rivermarket, but don't know details.  I've also heard of Pulley Wholesale flowers.  Are you looking for bouquets?  Cosco can order wholesale flowers like that too.

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    Try Baisch & Skinner in North KC.  They are a pretty large wholesale supplier and sell a bunch of other decor for your wedding needs.  I decided just to use a florist but researched this wholesale supplier before. 
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    i lot of  wholesalers in the kc area are for floral shop supply and sometimes they won't or cant sell to the public. pulleys will sometimes tho they arnt suppost to as with baisch
     scmhitd and claue is another there is alsi fdo all in kc area . if you are looking for somthing specific or need flowers done let me know ( im an independent florist and have accounts with all the major wholesalers in the area)

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    We ended up ordering bulk flowers from the Shawnee Hy-vee.  When I picked them up, I saw that they had a large selection of loose flowers and small bouquets in the store as well.  We really could have selected from what they had in the store since we weren't really picky about our flowers and could have saved 2/3 off of what we paid for ordered flowers.  But even with that, we saved a lot from what we would have paid for at a florist.
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    I know this thread has already been answered, but I have heard awesome things about Sam's Club from many people if anyone is still looking for bulk.
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