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boy friends (dated longer then a month) did you  have other then FI?  Did you picture urself marrying any of them?  Did you dump more or get dumped more?

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    For me, i dated 3 men total (including Fi).  I had my first bf, then fi, then another guy.  Then back to FI.  Note:  FI and i weren't an on again off again couple.  We meet at a summer internship and dated then, but then we both went back to our states (me MO, him NC) for 2 years to finish our undergrad.  We kept in contact.  Then three years ago we ended up at the same grad school, and now we are engaged :-D

    Of my 'real' bf i was the one that dumped but of those half-way little relationships i was the one that got dumped.  I kinda saw myself marrying my first BF, but in retrospect i think it was just b/c he was my first bf.  I can't imagine being married to him.  It sounds like such a bad idea now :-p
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    Oh gosh...I've dated quite a few guys for longer than a month, but really only consider 3 of those (+ my fiance) to be serious.  I honeslty thought I'd marry my last college boyfriend, and was heart-broken for months and months when he broke up with me after dating for over a year.  I'd say the others I've dated (both long term and short term) have been about half and half for being the dumpee/dumper.

    In the end, everything happens for a reason, huh? =)
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    I officially dated 1 guy for a year and a half but didn't ever consider marrying him considering we dated in high school. I had flings in college but nothing that was official. 
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    I had 4 relationships that lasted over a year and several others last lasted several months.  I thought I would marry my high school sweetheart that I dated for over 3 years and the guy I dated after college for 3 years.  But neither of those worked out!  It all worked out in the end though!  After dating all the wrong guys you know when the right one comes along!
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    Haha.... I'm kind of like Paris Hilton or Tara Reid.  I dated so many guys that in college I once came home to find my friends had created a flow chart of my guys.  I never really seriously thought of any of them as boyfriends but I did date most for at least a month (but no longer than 3).  I had one serious boyfriend in high school and one in college who I considered marrying.  
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    I'm not really sure how many I dated for more than a month, but looking back 3 relationships stand out.  HS Boyfriend, College boyfriend, Rebound boyfried.  College boyfriend and I got engaged, which I called off.  I was dumped by the other 2, which I didn't ever really consider marrying.  Then I found FI and I knew from the beginning that it was going to be a forever thing.
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