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Should I be stressed?

Everyone says how wedding planning is so stressful, but when is that supposed to hit?  It seems like I have so much time, and there's really not that much too it, right?  (Wedding is April 13, 2013(

I've got my budget written up, and I already have my venue, DJ, photgrapher, and working on the catering menu.

So still need the invitations, cake, flowers, dresses and tuxes for myself and the small wedding party.  And all the "small details".  Is it all the details that's supposed to be stressful?  Since I'm not stressed, I feel like I must be missing something. 

I'm not very girly, or detail-oriented, so I am kind of worried that people are going to judge my wedding because I don't have 30 little DIY-projects around the venue that all tie together this big impressive theme.  Or I'm going to totally glaze over something important and we're all going to be standing because I forgot to make sure there are chairs or something!!

Re: Should I be stressed?

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    Don't worry! You have all of the big things done. I would suggest dress shopping for you and the bridal party soon, it may take months for the dress to come in after ordering. Enjoy your time being engaged!

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    I'm not stressed, and I think it's kind of early to worry too much about anything. If you aren't crafty don't DIY there's no rule that says you have to. As long as your guests are fed, comfortable, and entertained don't sweat the small stuff. I'm also a big picture person and using wedding checklists have been pretty helpful to me, just don't feel obligated to do everything that's on them if you don't want. If you are looking for your next steps I'd tackle your dress since it can take up to 6months to come in. Then cake and flowers next, not necessarily the exact designs just getting the vendor booked. 

    Although I have to say, it sounds like you are stressed about not stressing Smile
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    I keep thinking the same thing!!  I found my dress Friday, have the venue, and DJ, and am now moving onto the other vendors.  We do have time, but I fully agree that the dress should be top priority.  When I first got engaged I told myself, "there's too much to put on a list to make one and I'll probably forget things" so I'm sticking with the experts and going off checklists like spunky414 mentioned.

    I was a bridesmaid back in march (the bride will now be a bridesmaid in mine). She is the biggest DIY person I know and at this point in her timeline she was pretty relaxed too.  One thing she ALWAYS talked about was how helpful it was to get on these blogs and keep tabs with people who were planning for the same month.  I say as long as we work together and shoot out ideas or stressors anytime we have them we should all be able to pull off a great event :)
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    I think you're doing pretty well! Personally, I am stressed. I have a tendancy to get overwhelmed when something isn't completed or at least figured out. I was like that with all of my school assignments and other stupid stuff. I am a very anxious person, lol.

    I feel ya on the not being big into DIY, beacause I am like that also. Just make a list (or find one on here!) of all the things that you need or could do, and go from there.
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    [QUOTE] Although I have to say, it sounds like you are stressed about not stressing 
    Posted by Spunky414[/QUOTE]

    So true! 
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    I agree with the others who say it looks like you're doing quite well. I'm just beginning to really start planning-- we don't even have our venues booked yet (that's the task for the next month or so)! I think there will be times that are more stressful than others, but just remember to take one day at a time (which it seems like you're doing). There really is still plenty of time. Smile
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    Sounds like you've got a great start with the major items. I agree with making your dress the next priority, just because it'll take time to come in - or maybe you'll find a great sample dress deal!

    I really enjoy keeping tabs on the forums here with everyone else, because it reminds me of things we need to take care of, or consider something that maybe I hadn't given any attention to yet (like what ceremony music to use). We'll help keep each other within the appropriate timeline! :)
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