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April 2013 Weddings

Checking in :)

I have been mia for a few days....I just have taken a step back from things and have been thinking about all this going on! I know all of you know about what has been going on in CT. I live in Trumbull which is about 15 minutes from Newtown. I graduated high school with the daughter of the school psychologist who died in the tragedy. Friends from high school are coming together to raise money to go towards a foundation they are opening in her name. I plan to go to the memorials that people are setting up around Newtown, but am waiting until the media cools off a little bit. My sister met someone over the weekend who lives in Newtown, and he told her that they have taken over. Its just crazy!

A another note, nothing major wedding stuff going on.... I know its going to start to get busy after the new year :) P.S. We are almost out of the 100's! esp. for the april 5, 6 brides to be!!! Ahhhhh!
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Re: Checking in :)

  • I'm so sorry that you are so closely dealing with such a horrible tragedy.  It is breaking my heart each and every day and it makes me so grateful for the friends family and wonderful students that are a part of my life.
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  • Christine, 

    I know how you feel. I'm in Shelton, so it definitely hits close to home. This whole thing has been so heartbreaking. I inadvertently drove by one of the funerals the other day in Fairfield and instantly started tearing up. I too want to head up there, but like you want to wait until the media circus dies down. I wish they would let the families have their peace. :(

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  • I'm sorry for your friend's mom :( Such a horrible tragedy. And hopefully the media gets out of there soon- it's kind of disgusting how they act!

    And yay for almost being out of the hundreds! :)
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  • Im glad you and your old friends are doing something positive for your community! Thats what they need right now, and as for the media. Sad thing is they live for things like this, they make money off of peoples saddness and open wounds. Stay strong, and keep doing what your doing. <3

    And yay for almost ito the double digits!!! 107 days left!!!
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