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Sooo, setting our date, we wanted next April and the 20th was the only day that month that was available.  I was super excited to get our wedding booked-it feels more real with an actual date.  When I told my fiance, he said "really, do you know what day that is?"  and I was confused.  He reminded me that potheads celebrate 4-20 as a smoking day (or something like that).  I didn't care because I'm not into that and neither are my friends/family.  That is still our wedding date.  Now, when people ask when the wedding is and we tell them, we get mixed reactions. Most don't even associate 4-20 with anthing, but some people raise their eyebrows like "really?"  I don't care what people think, but I was wondering if any other April 20th brides get that reaction...

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Re: 4-20-2013

  • That is so funny!  We have the same story!  I couldn't decide between April 20 and 27th and when I had to make the decision I picked 4/20 because it was my original date I had in my mind so I didn't want to jinx it.  I was so excited and when we started telling people they did the same thing, ummm, do you know what 4/20 is???  We didn't.  My 19 year old niece and FI's 19 year old daughter knew and thinks it's hysterical.  None of my family and friends are into that anyways but it is funny!  I wish I had known beforehand though.  I probably would have still kept the date, but still.  
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  • YAY!! One year left for all of us!! I'm also a 4/20 bride, half of my family knows what it is and the other half doesnt care. Its not a big deal to us either, its just funny that people would think THATS why we picked it as our wedding date. Oh well, lets get out the special brownies and have a countdown party :D
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  • My parents were married on 4/20 so that's why I went with this date.  My FI thinks it's funny and my neighbor asked if we were handing out baggies as our favors.  Cracked me up.  So, yeah, I get people asking the question if we choose the date for that reason.
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  • edited April 2012
    Me too.  The same...we liked April and the third Sat of the month just seemed right.  Some of our friends and family do associate 'that' with the 4/20 date which is a bummer.  I keep hearing 'oh reeeaaallly....'  type responses. And I got asked about 'favors' too!  But that's the date we picked and it was already stuck in my mind as THE date.  Oh well.  FI was the first to say something but again, we'd already committed in our heads. 

    ETA:  I think FI will always remember our anniversary this way. JK JK :)

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  • I just laugh it off whenever people make comments.  A clever comment on my facebook yesterday though was "Getting married on 4:20????? Atleast, the only thing you guys will be high on is the love you have for each other." LOL:)
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  • jesslyn that's a great comment!  I say we all need to incorporate that somewhere into our wedding!   
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  • I'm also a 4/20 bride. We get mixed reactions as well when we tell people the date, but now, when we tell them, it's mostly "Oh my! Less than a year away!!!" So the "famousness" of the date finally wore off!
  • Our motto can be "4-20 brides: High on Love" LOL
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