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April 2013 Weddings

hey, i'm new!

Hey ladies! Im new to the boards and just wanted to say hi! Im getting married April 20th 2013. I need some serious color help!! Congrats to you all, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Re: hey, i'm new!

  • Congrats and welcome to the board. Try picking colors that will show you and your FI style and personality. Our colors are red,blue,purple,and silver. It might sound like it wont work together ,but it is absolutely beautiful.
  • That sounds beautiful. After just posting this we talked about maybe yellow and blue. But hopefully everyone understands the reference more of a "Belle" yellow, beauty and the beast and some sort of cobalt/navyish blue
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    Hi and welcome to the boards! My FI and I picked (well, I picked and he just went with it lol) lavender and pastel blue. Purple is my favorite color and blue is his, which is the reason I picked the two. I also figured they went well with the spring garden theme we were going with. The yellow and blue sounds lovely!
  • congrats and welcome to the board, i have seen yellow and blue done before and its beautiful. My FIs cousin is getting married in august and those are his and her colors. As for us, we are doing charcoal grey, and pink with cream and white accents! Happy Planning!
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  • Hi and welcome!  I am also a Jersey bride, getting married April 12th.  As far as colors I am doing a coral/orange/yellow with accents of green.  Where is your venue?
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  • They all sound beautiful ladies! As for the peacock, I would look into either a lime green, like the inside of the peacock feather, or a silver as the accent color. Im getting married at Park 33 in Freehold. They have a beautiful banquet room upstairs, and the most talented chef in Monmouth County, in my opinion.
  • Hi!  I'm also getting married on April 20th, 2013, and am having trouble picking colors!  I've changed my mind about 5 times but my latest is also yellow and blue.  I can't decide if it will be turqoise/teal or a light blue, but I think either way it will look great.  It's springy too!  I think you'll be happy with those colors.  I went to Hobby Lobby and bought rolls of ribbons in the colors I was considering and then at home just kind of kept putting the different combinations together and I finally came up with my final decision.  Good luck and if you do choose yellow and blue let me know and we can compare ideas!!!

    Good luck and welcome!
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  • Congrats and welcome!  We are using black, white, red and silver :)
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  •  Congratulations and welcome! We are using earth colours, brown & burnt orange and olive green for accent. A helpful tip is to always put a bit of your personalities will the colours you choose. All the best!
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  • I am doing different shades of pink, creame, and light greeen

  • Hi,and congrats to you too!Our colors are light Dark Pink,and Blackwhite
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