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Talking hair

Has anyone worn or is planning on wearing those jeweled ribbon style headbands?  I love them and think I want to wear one but I'm wondering if it will be falling off all day?  Anyone try one of these?

Still thinking about how to do my hair - probably some loose curly half updo or loose and curly side pony.  Have you considered your hair ideas yet?  If you are doing a hair trial when will you do those?
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Re: Talking hair

  • I have seen this done and think if you can pull it off it will look great! I have tons of hair inspiration on my pinterest board that I love. I was thinking about doing a chignon, with waves and curls through out rather then slicked back and just having a low bun. As for hair accessories I am trying to find a brooch or a few hair pins that match my melt on my dress to put on the side of the chignon.
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  • I am planning on it!  My hair dresser said she can just secure it with bobby pins if I am worried about it moving.  
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  • Can someone post a picture of these headbands?  I am planning on a blake lively long and flowy look and that might be perfect!  My hair is only about shoulder length now so I may do some extensions on the big day
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  • I'm kind of jealous of all you girls who can wear your hair down. My hair is super fine and just will not stay in any sort of style if it's down (trust me, I've tried). I'm happy with the updos I'm looking at, but the option would have been nice!

  • I am thinking a hairband like that but there are some with more ribbon and the jewels sewn onto them like this:

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  • I wanted to wear one of those but my hair is also very fine and it jsut flattens it..im lucky my dad is my hair dresser and we already tried a style i like..im doing the half up half down..including some extensions in the back to make my hair look fuller..

    what im using is what I call twisties

    bought those and some just plain rhinestones to get some shine in the back.  
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