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Music during dinner?

So, I'm not having a dance reception- just dinner and cake at a restaurant. They said we can have their piped in music in our private room. I have no idea what that music would be. Should I make a cd that is about 3 hours long instead to have as background? Would you think that is necessary, as a guest, would you notice? Or should I just forget it and use the piped in music?
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Re: Music during dinner?

  • Eh, I am lazy.  I would do the piped in music.  Especially since people will be eating and mingling..
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  • We're doing the same thing and having a playlist, FI is handling it so classic rock I guess. 
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  • Yeah I have a ton of songs ranging from oldies to lighter songs from now, all would be appropriate. I'm just not sure if we should bother or not. Ack!
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  • What kind of music are they piping? I would probably just have my ipod hooked up with a few albums that I like on shuffle so that it wouldn't turn into anything I didn't like or against the vibe I was going for. An itunes playlist like that shouldn't take *too* much effort.
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    Not sure on what kind of music, I think it's low key top 40/adult contemporary, but I'm waiting to hear back. I don't have an ipod, I have a weird mp3 player thing. I have lots of the songs downloaded so I could do cds, but they'd have to be changed probably because none would be long enough. Ugh. Maybe I should just hire the acoustic guitarist to play through the whole dinner!
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