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    Maybe you should talk to her.  There has to be something else going on that is making her act out like this.  Ask her about her life, and why she is so upset about your dress choice.  Make sure she knows that while you would love for her to be by your side on the big day; if she doesn't feel comfortable with the $$ involved that you understand but this is what you want.  Mention that you are OK with her not being in the bridal party if she feels like she can't afford it.

    I have been in a few weddings where this has happened, and usually jealousy is what comes into play.  I think after a nice heart to heart you might figure out what is *really* bugging her.  Good luck!
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    Did you ask her for her budget before you picked a dress out? She's got every right to be upset if you are asking her to spend more than she said she could. She's also got a right to be upset if you sprung this cost on her without asking her budget first. Having a good job and living at home doesn't mean she has unlimited funds and even if she does she doesn't have to priotize spending on your wedding. 
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