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Wedding Favors

Anyone know of any different/unique wedding favors to do for the guests that are inexpensive?

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    food, maybe pralines individually wrapped, chocalate? lousiana hot sauce? what do you love and what's your wedding theme then build off that
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    I made magnets out of plaster that you mix yourself, I used fleur de lis candy molds,it took a while to make them but it was dirt cheap, I spray painted them gold and hot glued a magnet to the back, Now when I visit friends and family they all have my magnet on their fridge. 
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    personalized coozies are always a hit.  You can usually find them pretty cheap.
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    I am getting married in July 2011 in Louisiana. My colors are clover, pistacho, and an accent of yellow. I have been thinking of a theme but cannot think of one. Do I need one? Any ideas?
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    cake balls from davalons. they brought cake balls or some people call them truffles in two different flavors and brought them in these cute pink little chinese food boxes. i think you can get them in any color you want. they were a huge hit and they were so good. i hired them for my wedding and they have been so nice to work with so far. [email protected] hope this helps!
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