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Louisiana-Baton Rouge

Crazy? yes More fun than any other wedding? yes! Memorable? YES!

Here is my FI's crazy Idea:
With the cost of every thing going through the roof-
Find an arena that could host a top 100 country band,
hire the band to play the wedding, which would be noon- afternoon, for the wedding, and yes charge $10 admission to the guests, after the whole thing is announced to the region on the social networksfor $20ish for tickets, Those tickets are time after the bouquet is thrown, and after the wedding, open it up for more ticket holders, and use all proceeds to pay for the wedding, And your wedding is one of legend... and you and all of yours have a LOT of fun!

Re: Crazy? yes More fun than any other wedding? yes! Memorable? YES!

  • edited December 2011
    Yes it would be memorable but would you really want to share your wedding with everyone? Plus I don't think it's right to invite guests and then charge them. It is your wedding and if that's what you want to do it's fine it is your wedding. But if I was a guest I don't know that I would be comfortable with it.
  • JbreeJbree member
    edited December 2011
    Solve that problem with a BIG MONEY dance! ;-)
    I personally like Christian Music, so you could get a Christian Band (Mercy Me, Watermark, Nicole Nordeman, etc.)to play in a large church, and then open it up for a regular concert.  The crowds are friendly too!
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    I am not too sure about having a lot of other people showing up either, but, some costs could be seriously defrayed like that!
  • I have to say, that would be some crazy!
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