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Do not use David's Bridal!!!!

Yell I went to the David's Bridal in Lafayette with my mom one random Sunday to look at bridesmaid's dresses and ended up finding my wedding dress. The consultant we had that day was great and took wonderful care of us so when we made the appointment to officially look for bridesmaid's dresses and get my dress fitted we asked for the same consultant. When the scheduled day arrived we were told that our consultant wasn't scheduled to work that day and was given to another consultant who was very nice, but extremely busy with another appointment. We were neglected for quite a while until my mom got so frustrated that she asked the consultant why we needed to make an appointment if she wan't going to help us. Come to find out she hadn't even been told that we were a scheduled appointment, she thought we were walk-ins! No one was called when my sister's dress came in, we had to call them because we were worried about it. I was fitted for my dress in Feb. and had my bridal portraits scheduled for the first week in Aug. When I went to pick up my dress a week before, they took 10 min. just to locate the dress! When they found it nothing had been done!!! While I was waiting to see a manager, one of the consultants took it upon herself to start cutting my dress!!!!! Thank God we caught her before she did too much damage!! I ended up taking my dress to a seamstress in B.R. and she fixed it the best she could. My mom is never going back to David's Bridal, but unfortunately we are kinda stuck with using them to dye the shoes. I brought my mom's shoes in to be dyed in early Oct. I was told it would take a month to dye them. When I went back to pick them up, they were not the Marine blue I had ordered by a bright pink Sangria!!!!!!!! The manager on duty assured me it would only take a week to have new shoes the appropriate color. A week and a half later, I get the call that the undyed shoes had just arrived to the store. At this point my wedding is two weeks away!!! I am picking up the shoes yet again this afternoon, if they are not correct I am scared to think of what I might do. Long story short.....DO NOT TRUST DAVID'S BRIDAL TO DO ANYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH YOUR WEDDING.Yell

Re: Do not use David's Bridal!!!!

  • Kate504Kate504 member
    edited December 2011
    I went to the Davids in Slidell with my FI's cousin's FI. I was in her wedding.
    When we went to look for her dress and BM dresses. The consultant was nice enough, but she was also helping 4 other people at the same time. I found that they were extremely pushy and just wanted to make a sale. Well she bought her dress and I bought my BM dress b/c I needed extra length and it was going to take longer to come in.

    Her dress came in and when they went to alter it it had lace arond the edges. They messed up the hem and she had to get a new dress. They did give her a discount on the new one, so it only cost her a little more, but in my opinion the first one was prettier. Then that same day luckily she was there b/c my dress was in and they hadn't called me to tell that.

    I also think that they make up for their low dress prices with their outrageous alteration costs.

    I know that I will not be going there.
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  • JessicaLyn123JessicaLyn123 member
    edited December 2011
    I had a similar problem. I had made my appointment a month ahead of time, on a Sunday. I figured that they would be busy on the weekend so I would have to share, but when I got there, I had to wait 30 minutes after checking in for someone to help me. We had already looked through all of the dresses and picked out a few and were just standing by the dressing rooms trying to figure out what to do next!! Finally someone, who was my consultant, opened a dressing room for us, but she didn't know she was my consultant!! Come to find out, she didn't even know I had an appointment!! She hardly paid any attention to me, and they weren't busy. After my mom gave her a stern talking to, she shaped up though, and I found a gorgeous dress and my bridesmaid dresses. Overall I'm really disappointed though, because shopping for a wedding dress was supposed to be fun and exciting, and it wasn't really the best experience.
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