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My Vendor Reviews (3/9)

Hey ladies!! My wedding took place on 3/9th and I had a great time. My husband and I would definitely have a wedding in New Orleans if we had to do it all over again. Since I live in Los Angeles, these board were a LIFE SAVER with a wealth of information. So I want to pay it forward and let you know what I thought of all of my vendors. I hope this is helpful for you!!!

Ceremony and Reception - Southern Oaks Plantation A+

Southern Oaks is really a one stop shop and they truly are a well oiled machine. They have this wedding thing down! All of my guests loved the place, the food and the lovely staff. I really can't say a bad thing here. Also, if you have an opportunity to get the band as part of your package, definitely do it. It really added something special to our event. ALL of our guests were from the East Coast, West Coast or International and it just gave it a really nice New Orleans vibe.

Photographer - Mathew Foster Photography A+++
He is affordable, GREAT to work with and such an amazing talent. I haven't received all of my pictures yet but judging from my sneak peak, it is going to be absolutely AMAZING.

Videographer - One Louder Productions TBA
I don't have my video yet but I am sure based on the quality of work that they do, they will be great. They also were the most affordable. Kirk was a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to seeing my video


FloristNOLA Flora A-
I didn't have a large budget and they certainly worked with me as much as they could. The flowers were lovely especially my bridal bouquet. The only thing that was a minor pet peeve is that when we were finalizing the flowers, I just received a summary in email that was part of a LONG chain of emails. It was kind of confusing. I think it should have been on a separate Excel sheet or something that properly itemized everything in detail. If that were the case, I think I would have caught the fact that they did not allocate flowers for my maid of honor. They rushed a bouquet over to the hotel without delay but I think if I had a better summary I would have caught that mistake from the beginning. Nonetheless, I share some of the responsibility too. Nonetheless, flowers were amazing and they ARE great to work with. 

Makeup - Kisha from The Makeup Lab A++
I worked with Kisha Williams and she was absolutely AMAZING. All of my girls loved their makeup and I thought I looked absolutely great. I can't say enough about her...

Hair - Lacee from Ringletts Hair Salon A+
Lacee from Ringletts did my hair. She was quick, efficient and did a wonderful job as well. She did exactly what I wanted and she was great to work with as well.
She came to my hotel which was a huge PLUS.

Hotel Blocks -
Royal Sonesta: A+++
The service here is stellar and the hotel was absolutely amazing. I am so glad that I used this hotel during my wedding stay.

Iberville Suites: A
Many of my guests said the hotel was very nice and they would stay here again.

Chateau Bourbon: C-
Due to the construction, this really wasn't the best place to stay. My mom and quite a number of my guests were staying here. They were informed of the construction but they didn't say how much of a problem it was going to be. On the day of the wedding, they were told they weren't going to have water. They had to complain and tell them that they were going to a wedding and NEEDED to take a shower. I think for what they were charged, it should have been better.

Cake- Sucre A+
The cake was great and they made the cake EXACTLY how I wanted it. Very pretty. Also, really great to work with.
Let me know if any of you ladies have questions and I would be happy to help. Happy Planning!!!!

Re: My Vendor Reviews (3/9)

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    Congrats! Glad you had such a great experience. I considered Matthew for photography-- looks like he did a great job if your sample is any indication. Sorry to hear about your trouble at the Chateau Bourbon. When they informed us about the construction back in December, we warned all our guests to switch reservations just in case. We had our Rehearsal Dinner there and when I saw what a wreck the entrance and lobby were, I was relieved no one was staying there. But hopefully that didn't diminish the experience for you or your guests. Hope you'll come back and share some more photos, and congrats again!

    Thankfully it didn't diminish the experience. I just wish it would have been better. They played down the construction and so I didn't think it would be an issue. Some guests changed their reservations but some didn't. Overall, I had a great experience.
    As for Mathew's pictures, I will certainly share more when I get the rest or you can go to his FB page and look for Natalie and Kizito's album which should be at the top. He posted 28 photos there that were absolutely amazing. Check it out if you get a chance.

  • I went to Matthew Foster's facebook page.  Your wedding pictures are incredible.  I love your sari inspired reception dress.  Congratulations to you and your husband.
  • Beautiful pics! Wow! Thanks for sharing your reviews. I have my room block for all 125 of my guests! at the Chateau Bourbon, but not until the end of September. They were very upfront with us about the timeline of the construction and the impact on the hotel, but they also assured us it wil be complete by May. I hope this is true!! Yikes. We are visiting NOLA next week for a planning trip and are staying there so we can see firsthand what is going on and get a face to face update on the expected completion date. I'm glad you shared this info. Congrats again!
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  • so glad your wedding went well and thanks for the review on Iberville Suites! My guests (including my parents are staying there).
  • Oh no, I did visit Chateau Bourbon a few weeks ago and it was really undergoing construction! Thanks for all the reviews, I am looking at Royal Sonesta for my wedding and it's nice to hear the service was good, because it's taking a while to get a contract.
  • To my lovely Soror, I must say that your wedding was absolutely gorgeous! I loved your pink sari (sp?). Congrats on your wedding and thank you for the reviews! I will look at Mathhew Photography to see about him shooting my wedding next year in New Orleans.

    Congrats again!!
  • Thank you for the compliments! The lehenga sari was in rememberance of my father who passed away 4 years ago. He was from Sri Lanka. I miss him a lot and that was my way of bringing him into the celebration.

    I am glad my reviews helped! I know they helped me!

  • your photo's are LOVELY!
  • That was a lovely idea and honorable way to bring your father's memory into the celebration! You were absolutely radiant!
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