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Is it too crazy to have ceremony musicians, a DJ and a Brass Band??

We're getting married at The Elms and will be having our ceremony & reception there.  I've been trying to figure out a time line in terms of music.  We'd like to book string musicians for the pre/ceremony from 5-6pm.  And we'd like to have a Brass Band play for the last 2-3hours (7-10pm) to end with our 2nd line around the venue.  I guess the question being will a DJ come on for just an hour from 6-7pm (to do introductions, first dance, etc) or does it make more sense to have a gap of no music (or IPOD) from 6-7pm while everyone cocktails and then have the brass band do our 1st dances and introductions at 7pm even though we'll kind of already be in the mix?  Any advice welcome!!

Re: Is it too crazy to have ceremony musicians, a DJ and a Brass Band??

  • Im sure there are more girls here that can give better in depth advive but from attending NO weddings I guess my question is why not have a DJ play longer /dance mucic/ and have the brass band come in at the end for a second line. I dont follow much what the brass bands can do so in my mind I'm wondering will they rally people to dance for a couple of hours of would a DJ or ipod be more sufficient. I dont folow enough but I think of them as more the 2nd line excitement. Dance music is important to me. I think the strings early is a great idea. Pricing for all 3 will probably help you figure it out too. I cant picture having a gap of music but does the elms have some kind of sound system they can help with?
  • I'm hiring a ceremony musician for the ceremony and cocktail hours, a DJ from 7-9 and the brass band for the second line.  I agree with ourday.  I love brass bands, but I'm not sure it's music that people will really dance to at the reception.
  • I am doing this too! We have strings for the ceremony and cocktail hour, then DJ for dinner/dancing and a brass band for the end to play a couple songs, then second line everyone out of the venue. Agree with PPs that 2-3 hours for a brass band might be too much.

  • We are doing something very similar.  We are having ceremony musicians play (outside where the ceremony will take place), then a DJ for 90 minutes (in the reception area) during the cocktail hour and for the first dance, family dances, etc. 

    Then we scored REBIRTH BRASS BAND to play for the last two hours of our reception.  After that, they are coming down to the FQ with us for our 2nd Line.  Now I can't speak for every brass band out there (b/c they do differ in style, tempo, etc.) but to see Rebirth play for two hours?  Not enough time :-)
  • we had ceremony musicians, then a band, and then the brass band came to end the night. The brass band only played for about 20 minutes or so. Its really up to you, but I maybe extend the DJ to keep playing if you have any idle time? Hope this helps a little. Happy planning! It sounds like a great time! 
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  • I agree with PP that either having a lull in the middle or having the brass band play for 2-3 hours might not be the best approach.  I'm glad to know I'm not the only crazy one hiring so many different musicians, but I think it will make a huge impact on the feel of the evening.  We are having ceremony musicians at the Church, a second line band lead us from church to reception (will continue to play for a just a few minutes during cocktal hour), then we have a traditional NO jazz band playing during the first hour of the reception (our first dance and while people are eating, etc.), then we will have a DJ for the remainder of the evening to play dance music. 
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  • thanks all!  Now I can go forward on the music front without thinking I'm nuts!!
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