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I would like to stay the night before the wedding in a suite at the Windsor Court. There will be about 5 or 6 girls staying the night and then a group of people (ie. photographer, videographer, makeup and hair) the following morning/day. My question is, did you have to book the suite for two nights in order to have it until around 4 or 5 the following afternoon? (Ceremony isn't until 6:30 at the Tea Room) We will probably be staying at the Windsor Court for our wedding night but don't need a suite at least not one so large. I hope this makes sense. If anyone has any other suggestions on bridal suites that would be greatly appreciated. Our hotel blocks are at the Hilton/St Charles and the InterContinental and we would like to stay within a few blocks of those.

Re: logistics of getting ready

  • I booked my suite for two nights.  I don't think they will let you have late check out for 4/5 p.m.  Also I think it would be hectic to move all of your things to another room.  I know my room will be a mess with six girls getting ready.
  • Yes, we are having to book both of our "getting ready" suites for 2 nights in order to have them the entire wedding day. Although it stinks to know they won't be used overnight both nights, I think it is well worth it to have it serve it's purpose and not have to worry about moving rooms, check in/out times, etc.
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    I don't think there's anyway around the 2 night minimum. We used the honeymoon suite for the girls to get ready. Then housekeeping cleaned up so it was ready for hubby and I after the wedding. The guys had a suite at another hotel, where they all got ready together and then a few of the groomsmen used the men's suite on the night of the wedding.
  • thanks for the advice! I had a feeling I'd have to just stay in the same room - which in the end makes it easier on me to not have to move around.
  • I agree that you will need to book the suite for two nights.  Based on our recent experience, I would try not to have everyone as spread out as we were.  We had a suite booked for the guys at the Bourbon Orleans.  Groom stayed there by himself Friday night, got ready there Saturday and Bride and Groom stayed there on Saturday (wedding night).  How much easier it would have been to have had the Bride's suite there as well but they did not want to see each other the day of.  So we had a large 2 bedroom suite booked at the Richelieu for the girls.  My husband and I were at the Omni and the groom's parents were at the Bienville.  All I can say (and everyone, bride, groom, parents agree) is WHAT WERE WE THINKING???   If the left shoe was at the Richelieu, the right one was at the Omni.  At any given point that day, someone was walking something from one place to the other.  The wedding planner was picking things up and dropping them off, i moved things, the father of the groom moved things, my husband delivered things.  I must have walked 5 miles that day going between hotels and searching for last minute jewelry.  The bride never left the hotel room which is why I think she could have easily been at the same hotel as the groom.   And to top it off, my husband and I wound up going back to the Richelieu after the recption to pick up my daughter's belongings (and mine) and delivering them to the Bourbon Orleans.  My daughter was late to her after party because she left her ID at the suite and she had to wait for me to get it for her.  The wedding planner kindly packed and boxed up everything at the reception and delivered it to our room at the Omni which was a big help.  Still it would have been so much easier if  A.  we had all been at the same hotel or B.  at least have had the bride and groom's suites at the same hotel.   As it was, there were a bunch of us at the Omni and it is such a big hotel that we rarely ran into anyone by accident.  If we had wanted privacy it would have been easy.

  • I booked the honeymoon suite at the Royal Sonesta for the night of my rehearsal dinner and the night of my wedding.

    They indicated to me that unless we booked it for both nights, they couldn't guarantee that it would be available to get ready in on the day of the wedding, and I didn't want to take that risk.
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